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Prague Beer Museum will be opening a new branch in Náměstí Miru

Prague Beer Museum will be opening a new branch in Náměstí Miru following the success of the first one in Prague 1, close to Old Town Square. Known for serving the highest amount of draft beers in Prague, 30 different types on tap, the new place will unsurprisingly follow suit with numerous pilsners, lagers and more exotic drinks available. Aiming to provide customers with a large selection of local beers, so they don’t have to visit lots of different bars to sample the country’s best brews, Prague Beer Museum collects them all under one roof.

Having suffered a few delays the new ‘museum’ is now set to open on New Year’s Eve, which wasn’t purposefully planned but should make for a great start to 2014 not just for the owners but any customers as well.

“My partner Boban Tomic and I have wanted to open another location for two years now,” says general manager Se Padilla. “The popularity of the first location on Dlouha has been overwhelming from the first day we opened three years ago. The difficulty has been trying to find a good space in a good location. We wanted to wait for the right place as opposed just opening another one to make money.

“The main difference in the new location on Náměstí Miru is that it is a true gastro pub. We don’t have a kitchen at the Dlouha location and we were lucky enough to get Jeff Cohen to team up with us in the Kitchen here at Náměstí Miru. Jeff has been with Artisan, Kampa group and Mood restaurant (where he won best burger in Prague). And we are really looking forward to him heading up his kitchen.”

Along with the addition of food there will still be thirty different Czech beers on tap from small and medium breweries. Some may dismiss it as just a tourist gimmick but Se explains half their clients at Dlouha are locals just looking for some quality Czech beer. As well as this the new branch at Náměstí Miru will have lower prices than Dlouha too.

“When we opened the first one on Dlouha, we thought that a challenge would be selling the smaller, not so known brewery’s beers,” he continues. “However, that was not the case. People here are tired of the same big, multi-national breweries and love the diversity of the smaller houses. The challenge now is trying to pare down our choices to just thirty on tap, which is why we change some of the beers we offer on a monthly basis.”

For anyone not so keen on beer, or just looking for something different, they have a full cocktail menu (including beer cocktails if you want a mix). The beers they do serve include IPAs, Stouts, Weizen beers and flavored beers (such as chocolate beer). With such a big range it’s hard to pick out an overall popular one. They also offer ‘flights’ for tastings; a serving of five different 1.5dl tasters of the customer’s choice to sample which beers they’d like without having to order big beers.

As mentioned, they will be seeing in the New Year at their new Náměstí Miru location but for the long term future they have plans to open another branch, but seeing as it took two years to find this new one that could be a while away yet.

“We are excited with the direction the micro brewery trend is going world-wide,” says Se. “The Czech Republic is famous for its beers and the diversity that is available again from the local brewers is very positive for the future of beer here, and really fun to enjoy with friends, both local and from abroad. Na zdraví!”

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