Green Beer and Guinness

My St Patrick’s Day experience in Prague

As my aching head is telling me this morning, last night (St Patrick’s day) was great! Surprisingly, the Irish holiday is a pretty big deal here in Prague, and last night I went out to sample some of the nightlife involved with the drunkest day of the year.

The first stop for any authentic St Paddy’s day is definitely one of the many Irish pubs that can be found around Prague. Our pub of choice was Rocky O’Reilly’s, based off Wenceslas Square, and provided a really great night full of drinking and Irish-style music. Ok, so the experience wasn’t as quite as authentic as it could have been, but a packed pub, plenty of drinks and lots of crazy green  hats everywhere definitely made it a lot of fun and one of the best St Patrick’s days I’ve had in a long time.

Unfortunately for me, we decided to move on after the pub and that’s when I really have no idea what went on. All I know is that we made some great new friends, stumbled in at about 6am and completely forgot it was a Tuesday morning. All in all, St Patrick’s day really was incredible, and even though Prague doesn’t really seem like such a traditional Irish place, trust me, the vibe definitely is the same, although I would recommend that you try and remember what day it is when you go out, lest you sleep in and end up getting to work very late, or not at all!

My only regret is that we didn’t try more of the Irish pubs, but the night we had was excellent all around. Talking to Irish people, Americans, Germans, anyone we could find really, because St Patrick’s really is one of the friendliest holidays I know of, and what better way to bring people together than a pint of beer or cider?

If you’re looking for something a bit authentic but infinitely cheaper than Ireland for St Patrick’s day, then Prague is definitely the place for you. With so many Irish pubs to choose from, and clubs which stay open until stupid o’clock, even on a week day, who wouldn’t want to spend their holiday here?

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