Ashley Madison launches service in Czech Republic

Currently, Ashley Madison has 27 million users worldwide in over 40 different countries

You may have seen or heard that the planet‘s leading extramarital affair web service is now also available in the Czech Republic. Some people may have a different opinion about this ‘special’ service, but in the end its user numbers around the globe speak for itself. In connection with the Czech launch, Prague Monitor had a chance to meet with Christoph Kraemer, the global spokesperson for Ashley Madison.

To put it simply, Ashley Madison is an adult dating website – but why has Christoph chosen to launch the service in the Czech Republic?

“We have been looking at the number of divorces in this country, and with a rate higher than 50%, there is something going on here. We think we can do something here to help,” says Christoph with a smile on his face. “Obviously, it’s not a normal dating service. Ashley Madison is all about having the desire or need for something different whilst you are in a relationship.”

A very simple registrations process, with no special user details needed, makes Ashley Madison very easy to use. It is, however, recommended that you do not use your primary work email account or even a private email account – instead it is better to create a special email address that can stay your little secret.

Currently, Ashley Madison has 27 million users worldwide in over 40 different countries.

“We truly believe people have the right to be happy,” says Christoph. “It’s not part of human nature to live a life of monogamy.”

“English speakers are welcome on the Czech website. The service is offered in 20 languages and is also open to the LGBT community and singles,” he adds.

Creating your profile is completely free, though men have to purchase points to be able to send messages with monthly packages starting at 999 CZK. Women can enjoy the service free of charge.

“If you are looking for an affair, normally you look in your social circle or at work. Both are not safe and have a high risk of being discovered. It’s everybody decision how and where to have an affair, but we from Ashley Madison offer you a save way that won’t risk your relationship,” concludes Christoph.

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