Livelooping Miracle from the north will destroy NoD

support: Fertilizer (CZ)

LUR, the livelooping wonder from the North, will present its show on the 1st of April at Experimental Space NoD, Prague.

From the darkest corners of electronic junkyards, filled with forgotten toys and bizarre inventions, Lur has risen to bring disobedience and dancing. Livelooping madness, devastating beats, interactive visuals and strange instruments blending into a unique liveshow.

The Swedish band have gained new audiences over the last 6 years at clubs and festivals all over Europe. LUR is a unique club concept filled with livelooped electronic music, homemade instruments, noise-making toys, interactive visuals and illuminated costumes. With no pre-recorded tracks, the duo records every single sound on stage and sculpture the loops and beats DJ style with effects and filters.

2015 LUR will go on tour together with VJ artist Olof Werngren, singer Jenny Nilsson and poet/acrobat Kajsa Bohlin, making their most massive show ever.

LUR will be supported by a retrofuturistic duo Fertilizer . Combining multiple forms of rock music and hardware synthesizers, they stay with one foot in the eighties and in the distant future with the second one. This seemingly disparate grouping quite successfully fertilize the heads of unteachables nosey parkers.

This is just necessary to see live!

“LUR incorporates an eclectic variety of found instruments and sounds along with a stunning visual component that's unlike anything we've experienced before. Sonically, they create live loops with dustup bass grooves and Balkan horn samples while wearing these futuristic folk outfits that seem like nightmarish versions of Jónsi's stage attire.”
— Oresti Tsonopoulos, NBC New York


St 1. 4. / 19:00
130 CZK / 150 CZK

LUR Web:

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