1st Ever Prague Quiz Championship, don’t be left out!

May the cleverest team win!

Do you want to have a fun night in a pub while drinking some beer and competing with your friends? Then the Prague Quiz Championships might be for you!

Pub quizzes have been gaining popularity since the late 70s when they were started in the UK. English quizzes have been a staple of expat life for more than a couple of years here in Prague, but until recently they were an “English only” experience. In the last two years, Czechs have been starting to create and participate in their own quizzes but until now, there has never been a dual Czech-English quiz event.

The Prague Quiz Championship is a three night quiz extravaganza comprised of 80 teams consisting of 4 players each, two venues, cash and non cash prizes and many excited quiz goers. There are four semi-final quizzes; two on May 19th and two on May 26th. You can attend at either The Globe Bookstore and Café (Pštrossova 6, Prague 1), with an English host or at La Loca Music Bar and Lounge (Odborů 4, Prague 2), with a Czech host. The top five teams from each semifinal (twenty teams in total) will move on to the final, which will take place on June 2nd at La Loca. The quizzes will be both English and Czech friendly. The questions will be projected on the screens in both languages and the quiz sheets will be graded by a nonpartisan bilingual participant.

Now let’s talk details. Each quiz will have 50 questions divided into 5 rounds. The questions will be the same for both venues in order to ensure a “fair fight”. This quiz will have stricter rules than usual because of the insanely fabulous prizes. The rules will be stated at the quiz, but just to give you an example electronic devices will not be permitted during the quiz and neither will be taking a smoke or bathroom break at a non designated time (but don’t worry, the organizers will make sure that the breaks are plentiful). The Prague Quiz Crew, who is organizing this event, wants to make sure that everyone starts on a level playing field.

A level playing field is important when such great prizes are at stake! Each 1stplace semi-final team not only advances to the final round but will receive a 1 000kc voucher to spend at the venue in which they played. At the final, the 1stplace team will win 5 000 kc cash, 2nd place 3 000 kc cash, and the 3rd place 2 000 kc cash. The winners will also receive a custom designed steel trophy to show off to all of their friends and foes. Even if you don’t win, many other prizes will be given out over the course of the three nights, equaling at least 10 000kc. With such great prizes, you might worry that the quiz will be too serious.

“This will be a bit more competitive (than a regular quiz), but it’s about everyone having fun. We want there to be a competitive atmosphere, but not something that is die hard. Really, we just want everyone to have fun” explained Dany Hudeček, one of the main organizers of the event. “We are hoping to get a positive reaction from everyone, the people playing, the people working at the venues, our great sponsors (The Pie Shop and Slovart) etc. This is not to be taken too seriously.”

Dany and his Czech counterpart, Tereza Vizková, are hoping that it sells out, so buy your tickets now! Stop into The Globe Bookstore and Café to purchase tickets for their venue, or La Loca is selling tickets for their quizzes online. You can also buy them at Basement Bar for either venue on Monday nights during their regular quiz night (in Czech only).

Good luck and may the cleverest team win!

Prague Quiz Championships 2015
The Prague Quiz Crew

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