Brother & Bones (UK) @ La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE

London-based alternative rock band will make their stop in Prague on the „Omaha“ Tour on October 24th

This five-member band from London has a lot to offer. The artistry of folk troubadours, the energy of punks and the comforting voice of Rich Thomas – that’s Brother & Bones who will finally make their way to Prague and the Czech audience will have the opportunity to see Brother & Bones for the first time ever at the address Odborů 4 in Prague’s New Town.

Originally from Cornwall, currently residing in London, Brother & Bones have not only managed to tour Europe before but they have also opened tours for BRIT Award winners Ben Howard and Bastille.

Brother & Bones have a busy summer and even busier autumn coming up. August 28th is the offical date when their debut album gets released. The album was recorded at the prestigious East West Studios in Los Angeles, California and right after the release B&B will travel for about two months across the UK and Europe on the „Omaha“ tour. No surprise that fans await the album release with a huge anticipation.

First 50 tickets are sold at exclusive price 150 CZK, the rest of the tickets will be sold at regular price 200 CZK. The pre-sale is available at

Where does the name “Brother and Bones“ come from?

The name originated from an old piece of writing of Rich’s, I think he was either having a bit of a ‘clear out’ or sifting through his old lyric books and the line Brother and Bones jumped out at him. That was that. I’m glad we didn’t have to come up with one together, as anyone in a band knows that it’s one of the least enjoyable processes and is actually quite a hard thing to do. Well to find a good one. 

You claim you “have grown up together“. When exactly did you have an idea of starting a band?

Well Rich and Rob quite literally grew up together, they both come from St.Ives in Cornwall. It’s a small place and even smaller when you play music. They went to college together and I think were gigging all around the southwest with different setups. After that they moved to London as that is the place to be if you really want spread your wings and find other musicians from different backgrounds; it really is a hub for the arts. Rich was a solo artist for a long time and we all knew what he was up to, and that sound was very different to B&B. It was a few years later (2010/11) when Rich gave me a call and said that he was wanting to start writing music that was way bigger than just a one man band. He liked the idea of creating this huge tribal drums and rockier music that merges with the sentiments of that folk style acoustic led music. I think we ticked those boxes right?

Coming from Cornwall, UK - Do you still consider that place your home? Or is London home now?

Cornwall is definitely home for those boys (Rich and Rob), it’s always the place we return to for inspiration and time away from the city. It’s also become a home away from home for the other three of us. However, London is London. It’s so hard to compare to any other place, the constant buzz and the ability to go and do whatever you what any day of the week. Once you move here I don’t think you can really leave. Anywhere else will always be just a break away.

You have performed with Bastille. How did you get this opportunity?

Well the music industry is a very small community in the grand scheme of things, everyone has a link to someone. Yiannis and Woody (bastilles drummer) used to play a lot of drums together back at college and have been great friends for years. We were playing the same venues as one another for a little while until they got signed and became the biggest band in the world!! Woody basically invited us to support them to help us out. It was a great opportunity to play those stages and was amazing fun. Woody and the guys are really nice.

What does it feel like to stand on the same stage with a band like that? Do you get more nervous or does it work the other way around?

There’s an element of nerves as there are certain things we weren’t used to like the size of the venues, number of people and if their fans would like our music. But at the end of the day a show is a show no matter what size or how many people there are. We all know the songs and we just love doing what we do. We just went out there and did our thing, and just hoped that a percentage of the crowd was paying attention. I think it worked out.

Do you get more recognized after playing with Bastille?

Not really, we have been gigging for a long time and have built this to a reasonable level. But it’s not at a level where we get stopped in the streets or anything like that. Our social media numbers went up, and we definitely have people from those support shows come to ours now, so it did help us reach a new audience.

This is going to be your first concert in Prague, CZ. Have you ever visited this city? Any thoughts?

Yes it’s our first visit and we can’t wait; we’ve heard that the gigs there are the best. Yiannis recently visited Prague. He said it was brilliant. Really beautiful place and he did a tour of the city, he told us about your local doughnuts that you have, the ones that get cooked over a fire and has nutella on the inside. While he was there he checked out the venue and was very impressed, so yeah it’s fair to say we are very excited to play!

What are your expectations of the Czech audience?

As I say, from what we’ve heard the Czech crowds are some of the best, apparently you guys party hard and are really into your live music?! It sounds like a pretty good combo to me.

Last year you have performed in the US. Is the US audience different compared to the one in Europe?

An audience changes from town to town, let alone from one country to another. The Americans were great, and they seemed to like our music instantly. I think we have an advantage being British? Maybe because of our accents and our heritage we sound different to other bands in the states and across Europe?

You have recently released a new album. Will this EU tour be mostly about introducing new songs?

We are treating this tour in the same way we did the Album; it’s a celebration and a milestone of all the music we have written up to this point. So the set will have songs from 4 years ago right up to 4 months ago. We want to make sure we demonstrate everything we have to offer, so we will have softer songs in there and also the big rocky ones. A bit of something for everyone .

Final question: What was the most bizzare thing that has ever happened to you during a life show?

We played a festival a few years back (beachbreak live, Wales. The tent was full and the place was wild. We were mid way through the set when the power went off to the whole place. Yiannis and Rob were really quick to save the day and automatically went into a big drum/percussion solo. It went on for about 10 mins and by this point the crowd was even more in a frenzy, then the power came on and we managed to slip back into the previous song. It was if it was planned. It was definitely one of the most memorable moments we’ve had on stage.

La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE is a newly opened non-smoking bar situated in Prague’s New Town and is also part of the eco-friendly hostel MOSAIC HOUSE a few steps away from Charles Square. La Loca features music program every day from DJs, live concerts, regular karaoke nights or 80’s & 90’s Video Disco Parties. La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE is equipped with the top sound system by Meyersound. La Loca offers happy hours daily between 6pm and 8pm. Beside great music program there’s a ton of food and drink options you can choose from. All for affordable prices.“

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