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Prague may not be the ‘city that never sleeps’ but it is definitely a city that likes to dance all night. From the Balkan Bashavel summer madness to Electro Swing Nights at La Loca, Prague’s music scene has something to offer for everyone. Keep in mind that many of the venues on this list have overlapping genres.

Blues and Jazz: Like any city with history, Prague is full of great jazz and blues clubs. Some have interesting histories, others a unique concept but they are all great venues for lovers of this genre.

The Loop Jazz Club: Located in the Obcanska Plovarna, a beautiful and unique building sitting right on the Vltava river, this jazz club offers live performances Thursday – Friday. Address: U Plovárny 8, Prague 1, www.loopjazzclub.cz

- Reduta Jazz Club: Probably the most famous jazz club in Prague, known for having Bill Clinton and other famous people preform there. Address: Národní třída 20 Prague 1, www.redutajazzclub.cz

- Blues Sklep: Offering almost daily live performances of both blues and jazz with variations such as jazz/hip-hop, Blues Sklep is a great place to listen to good music and chill out. Address: Liliová 10, Prague 1, www.bluessklep.cz

- Jazz Ungelt: A club with a restaurant and a program filled with daily concerts. Address: Týn 2/640, Prague 1, www.jazzungelt.cz

- Jazzboat: Allows visitors to listen to jazz on a ‘moving’ stage. They also offer a jazz and dine ticket for a 2.5 hour boat trick that includes a concert and welcome drink. Address: Dvořákovo nábř., Prague 1, www.jazzboat.cz

: Most classical music can be heard in concert halls, churches and theaters. Some specific examples include the Municipal HouseRudolfinum and Klementinum.

- Café Mozart: If you want to enjoy classical music without going to a traditional concert, you can book an evening at Café Mozart. While you sit a table and eat what they describe as ‘the opulent 4 course menu’, you can listen to either a classical Mozart concert or jazz. The waiters are dressed in period costumes and the concerts are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Address: Staroměstské square 22, Prague 1, www.cafemozart.cz

Alternative music: This genre includes alternative rock, punk, steam-punk and new wave. While various places might have one-time performances in these genres, it’s hard to find a place that regularly plays them. However there is at least one in Prague.

- Klub 007 Strahov: Has live performances of punk, ska, indie, rock, hard core punk, experimental rock, new wave, sub pop, metal, electro clash and noise and even rockabilly. You can find the program for the concerts here and make a careful note of them, as this unique club is only on concert days: generally Sunday – Thursday from 19:00 – 24:00 and Friday – Saturday from 19:00 – 01:00. Address: Koleje ČVUT, Blok 7, Chaloupeckého 7, Prague 6, www.klub007strahov.cz

Dance Music: This genre has so many variations and sub-genres that it becomes hard to define. Dance covers everything from dubstep, club dance, trance, techno to house. The following places like to alternate between these and more.

- Roxy Music Club: A fun place with a variety of genres but always loud active crowd. A great central location on a street known for many pubs and bars. They also have electro-house music. Address: Dlouhá 33 Prague 1, www.roxy.cz

- La Loca Music Bar & Lounge: Is a non-smoking music bar in the center of Prague, only a minute away from Karlovo náměstí. La Loca Music Bar features free music entertainment almost EVERY NIGHT, rocking cocktails and a sizzling international vibe! Address: Odborů 278/4, Prague 2, www.laoloca.cz

- KU Bar & Lounge belongs to one of the most attractive bars & lounges in the Prague since 2001. You can find the club in the center of Prague in Rytiska street just few steps from Mustek metro station. Adress: Rytířská 534/13, Prague 1, www.kubar.cz

- Chapeau Rouge: With dance music sub-genres from dub step, house and indie. However they also have live performances with jazz, soul and Latin. There are several floors and the place has a unique vibe. Address: Jakubská 2, Prague 1,  www.chapeaurouge.cz

- Meet Factory: Has bands from all over the world performing in many different genres. The venue is well known for unusual and alternative events. Address: Ke Sklárně 3213/15 Prague 5, www.meetfactory.cz

- Duplex: Popular among expats and tourists alike, duplex plays a variety of popular dance genres. However the best part is a terrace with a view of Wenceslas Square from above. Address: Václavské náměstí 21 Prague 1, www.duplex.cz

- Mecca: This venue plays hip-hop/trap and others depending on the DJ. Slightly out of city center but worth the journey, Mecca has two large dance floors and a great atmosphere full of energy. Address: U Průhonu 799/3, 170 00 Prague 7, www.mecca.cz

: This genre includes drum & Bass, ambient, 8bit and industrial. The following venues offer this type of music regularly.

- Retro Music Hall: With a large dance floor and various music genres including electronic, Retro always had an energetic atmosphere perfect for dancing. Address: Francouzská 75/4, Prague 2, www.retroPrague.cz

- Storm Club: Playing electronic music as well as a handful of other genres. The venue draws performers from all over the world. Address: Tachovské náměstí 7 Prague 3, www.stormclub.cz

- Cross Club: While it's not purely electronic, there are regular electronic performances from both local and international bands. What makes Cross Club truly special isn't just the music, but the decorations that are made out of car parts that give it a futuristic look. Address: Plynární 23, Prague 7, www.crossclub.cz

Hip-Hop and Rap: Most of the following clubs don’t only play this genre, but if you search through their event list you will always find some rap and hip-hip among the other exciting styles of music. Of course if you’re a hip-hop fan you should also check out the summer festival Hip Hip Kemp.

- Klubovna 2 Patro (club on the 2nd floor): A “secret” club that takes a bit of effort to find. You have to walk through the courtyard and go up to the second floor. An unusual atmosphere and music including hip-hop, house and drum-and-bass. Address: Dlouhá 37, Prague 1, www.2patro.cz

- Zlaty Strom Music Club (Golden Tree): A unique club that is also a hotel, restaurant, bar and strip club. With happy hour from Wednesday – Saturday from 17:00 – 21:00 and great priced shots, surprising for the central location, Golden Tree hosts a great variety of DJs and has a maze of bars, rooms and dancefloors. Address: Karlova 6, Prague 1, www.zlatystrom.com

- M1 Lounge: A small club with a large spirit, M1 attracts both locals and expats and often has events with free entry or drinks for ladies. The cozy VIP room is known for having a snake. You can enjoy hip-hop, pop and other genres while drinking fancy cocktails or even smoking shisha. Address: Masna 1, Prague 1, www.m1lounge.com

- Palace Akropolis: With preforming artists from around Europe, Akropolis is an exciting place to visit. It is located in Zizkov so there are countless bars in the area to choose for the pre/after-party. Address: Kubelíkova 27, Prague 3, www.palacakropolis.cz

- Radost FX: This music club boasts being home to the “best in House, R&B/soul and Hip Hop music”. This popular club has wild parties and offers various styles of hip hop nights. It also hosts Lollypop, the oldest LGBT party. Address: Bělehradská 120, Prague 2, www.radostfx.cz

Karaoke: Not exactly a genre of music, but a popular activity among music lovers. Whatever genre is your favorite; if it has lyrics then you can probably sing it at the following venues.

- Baryton: With Karaoke events every Monday and Open Mic Jam Sessions on Tuesdays, Baryton is a cozy place with well-priced drinks. There is always a positive atmosphere and applause for anyone who has the courage to sing – no matter if you’re great or terrible. Address: Husinecká 29, Prague 3 www.baryton-cafe.cz

- K*Star Karaoke: This venue has actual booths so that you can karaoke in 10 people or 20 people, great for a private event. Address: Legerova 78, Prague 2, www.kstarkaraoke.com

- StaGe Club: With Karaoke nights on Tuesdays, StaGe club also offers other events and DJ performances. There also host adult events and are very LGBT friendly. Address: Štěpánská 650/23, Prague 1, www.stageclub.cz

Latin: This genre goes hand in hand with passionate dancing and a positive atmosphere. Salsa and flamenco are only two of the many types of Latino music.

- La Bodeguita: This venue is primarily a restaurant that also sells cigars from all over the world. There is occasional live music, for more information check the program. Even when live music isn’t playing, it is common to see people dancing between the tables. Address: Kaprova 5, Prague 1, www.labodeguitadelmedio.cz

-  La Rosa Negra: A popular Latino dance club with DJs from Peru, Cuba, Columbia as well as Slovakia and Czech Republic. La Rosa Negra serves well priced drinks that will keep you dancing salsa all night long. Address: Vodičkova 699/30, Prague 1, www.larosanegra.cz

- La Mucamba: Offering a different style of Latino music every day and offering classes, La Mucamba is a great place with an amazing atmosphere for nights out as well as private events. Address: Štefánikova 230/7, Prague 5, www.lamacumba.cz

Metal: Most people think that metal is just about screaming while others put it under the rock category. But with death metal, hair metal, gothic metal and many other alternatives it deserves a classification of its own.

- Modra Vopice: Their event list is full of bands playing metal from death metal to industrial-metal to metal-crossover. There are also plenty of quirky rock and punk bands. They even had an anime music night. Address: On the corner of Spojovací and K Žižkovu, Prague 9 – Vysočany, www.modravopice.eu

- Hells Bells: Loved by metal-heads, with good prices for beer and pub food, Hells Bells has concerts featuring all genres of metal. Address: Na Bělidle 27, Prague 5, www.hellsbells.cz

- Kain Club: Note solely metal, Kain’s event list includes metal, rock, ska to country rock. Address: Husitská 1/106 Prague 3 – Žižkov, www.kain.cz

- Exit-Us: Offering the strange on-tap beer combination of Branik and non-filtered Staropramen, the music club offers live performances in all genres of metal. Address: Sokolovská 195, 190 00 Prague 9, www.exit-us.com

- Mandragora: With a red brick interior and a great atmosphere, Mandragora has live performances featuring bands of various genres including vocal groups and Brazilian dance. Address: Korunní 16, Prague 2 - Vinohrady, www.mandragoraPrague.cz

Oldies: Whether you admit it or not, everyone enjoys a bit of oldie’s every once in a while. Oldies is generally any music that was popular 25 – 55 years before the present day.

- Lucerna Music Bar: Offering special concerts as well as 80s and 90s nights on Friday and Saturday, Lucerna is a great place that brings together people of all ages and generations. With large screens to play the original music videos, Lucerna will have you shamelessly dancing the Macarena and loving every minute of it. Address: Vodičkova 36, Prague 1, www.musicbar.cz

- Futurum: Lucerna’s little sitter with lower prices and slightly further from the center. Futurum offers a free drink as part of the entrance ticket (if you arrive by 23:00) and offers 80s and 90s nights on Fridays and Saturdays. They even list the popular bands that they play on their website. Address: Zborovská 7, Prague 5, www.futurum.musicbar.cz

- Vagon: Not as old as ‘oldies’ but still a great blast from the past, Vagon’s program has bands playing covers of all our old-time favorites from Guns N’Roses to Queenie and everything in between. Address: Národní 25, Prague 1, www.vagon.cz

Reggae: While Cross Club, 007 Strahov and some previously mentioned clubs also have occasional reggae nights. The following clubs are more popular for this genre:

- Wakata: The program is full of alternative music styles with plenty of DJs playing chill, reggae and drum-and-base. Sometimes they even play nu-jazz and lounge has a very chill atmosphere. Address: Malířská 14, Prague 7, www.wakata.eu

- Punto: As the name suggest, this venue offers unique beers on tap and events such as ‘vegan dinners’. Their music program ranges from jungle, funky house to tribal with occasional reggae and of course a chill atmosphere. Address: Kroftova 1, Prague 5, www.punto-Prague.cz

Rock: Rock & Roll, noise rock, blues-rock… the list never ends. This broad category of music can be experienced in most music clubs. But here are a few venues that stand out.

- Rock Café Prague: This venue offers other events including comedy and open mike, but its main focus is rock. Popular among tourists and expats alike, Rock Café’s program has both local and foreign band performances. Address: Národní 20, Prague 1, www.rockcafe.cz

- Hard Rock Café Prague: The popular café with memorabilia of our favorite rock and pop stars, Hard Rock Café is part of a worldwide chain. With great cocktails and mouth-watering food, this venue is a great place to go for dinner, drinks and listen to good rock music as well as the most popular hits. Address: Dům U Rotta, Malé náměstí 3, Prague 1, www.hardrock.com

- Harleys Bar: The music in Harleys depends on the DJ but you will often hear rock, pop or something with a good dance rhythm. There are a few comfortable seats but they fill up fast so reserve or come early otherwise you’ll have to resort to dancing on a table instead of sitting at one. Address: Dlouhá 18, Prague 1, www.harleys.cz

Country: This music genre is kind of popular in the Czech Republic... event if its hard to find some clubs in Prague playing this music, we have been able to find one... if you know more, please let us know. alternatively, we recommend to listen to Country Radio 89.5, sure there you will find more information on events and can listen to good country music from the States and also the Czech Republic.

Hudebni Klub Palmovka: This place offers fans of country and salon music what they are looking for. 6 days a week of live music, easy to reach by metro, only 2 minutes walking distance from the stop Palmovka. To find out what's on, visit their web page at www.hudebniklub.cz (country is not on every day!) – address: Pod hájkem 1, Prague 8

If we missed your favorite venue or an important music genre, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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