Pablo Nouvelle @ La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE

Swiss sensation to come to Prague in the end of March

„Nouvelle takes the soul back to the future,“ wrote the Guardian, a newspaper not given to facile superlatives. That was three years ago. Now, with his second album, the studio magician Pablo Nouvelle has created a new future. Instead of building up his tracks from samples of old records, the sound of the organic human voice is now at the centre of his music.

Pablo Nouvelle’s first musical love was hip-hop. Wu-Tang Clan. “One day,” he remembers, “I realised that if I was honest to myself I had to admit that I liked the song passages much better than the raps.” Soon he discovered that these passages were mostly based on samples that were taken from the deep past of the American soul history.

This Swiss native born in Bern recorded around forty new tracks before choosing his favourite fifteen for his second album, “All I Need”. Asked to pin-point some influences on his work with keyboards and drum machines, he lists the likes of Bonobo, the XX, Radiohead and Frank Ocean. The element “soul” is provided by a number of female and male guest vocalists. “It was important to me that I had a broad palette of differently coloured voices available to me,” he says. “Almost every song has a different voice. Here and there they are used almost like samples, with only a short dash to hint at a certain mood. It was important to me to create a strong feeling of space and mood.”

This is going to be Pablo Nouvelle’s second Prague visit. He played in Roxy last March where he successfully entertained the crowd, therefore atmosphere at La Loca Music Bar will most likely be just as great. His concert starts at 8pm on March, 29. Pre-sale is available on, and www.smsticket for 140 CZK.

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