Ever wonder what it would’ve been like to go to a roaring 1920s party?

Check out Jam Café to find out!

Walking in to the Jam Café on a Monday night at 21:00 is a little bit like stepping through a time machine. When you peek into the spacious cafe, you can spot dozens of couples on the dance floor, shimmying and stepping in tune to swing jazz music. As the girls twirl around and lindy-hop about the floor, their retro skirts move with them in a show of color. Many people on the floor dress up in suspenders or fancy dancing shoes, eager to flaunt their style both in clothing and in dance.

This phenomenon of a modern 1920s in the middle of Prague is a bi-weekly swing party organized by the Zig-Zag dance studio. Every Monday and Wednesday night, the café hosts would-be flappers and bootleggers and puts on lively music to dance to. You don’t have to be an expert to come however. If you’re looking for a night of fun, the environment is very friendly, welcoming and open to all levels of dancers.

If you’d rather not dance, the café is still a great place to go for a drink with friends, since the dancers on the floor act as free-entertainment. All the tables are arranged around the room with a big open dance floor and bar in the middle of the space, so that every seat in the house has a good view of the action. It’s quite easy to become mesmerized by the movements of the many dancers, and watching experts do advanced moves in the swing dance is absolutely fascinating. The dancing is especially fun to watch when a fast-tempo jazz song comes on and everyone picks up the pace. In my opinion, it is more fun to watch live-action dancing than it is to watch dancing on TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Strictly Come Dancing or So You Think You can Dance?

The bar offers a great selection of drinks for you to enjoy while you watch the show or for you to get refreshed after dancing. The bar offers a wide range of drinks such as beer, spirits, cocktails, and tropical drinks. The drinks can be a little highly priced, but they’re extremely well-made and tasty, so they are worth it. There are also some great non-alcoholic options such as homemade soft drinks. One of the best non-alcoholic drinks offered at the café is a raspberry lemonade made with real raspberries, which only costs 40 CZK.

Swing dancing isn’t the only thing on the menu for Jam Café. The venue offers Salsa dancing on Tuesday nights and Tango dancing on Thursday nights. Both of these events get just as lively and crowded as the Swing dancing parties on Mondays and Wednesdays. The bonus with Tuesday’s Salsa nights is that they offer free lessons for both beginners and advanced dancers starting at 20:00. The Swing dance nights on Monday also offer a class before the dancing party, but it requires payment. Still though, it’s a great way to learn a new dance!

Jam Café’s location in Prague One, near the Národní třída stop, is ideal as well. It’s located near many places to eat, making it an easy after-dinner destination. All of the dancing usually starts around 21:00, giving people plenty of time after work to get ready and go out. The café functions best as a weekday excursion. On the weekends there is no dancing and the atmosphere is very empty and quiet. It’s a great place to unwind after a long or busy day. It offers the perfect mix of exercise, entertainment, and a social environment. All you have to do is put on your dancing shoes.

For more information please visit www.jamcafe.cz

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