Jimmy Carr: Funny Business World Tour

King of Prague Castle: Jimmy Carr sets his sights on Prague

British comedian Jimmy Carr is set to bring his Funny Business World Tour to Prague for the first time on April 1st. Well known in Britain for his stand-up comedy as well as for appearances on television shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats and Big Fat Quiz of the Year Jimmy Carr has become a household name. This success has brought with it the opportunity to export his humour across the globe. Now set to play a double show in Prague it is the turn of Czechs and Ex-pats alike to laugh so hard they fall out of their seats, keep the ambulances on standby!

We were given the opportunity to see why Prague was lined up as a destination of choice on the European leg of Jimmy Carr’s tour. Show producer Dominik Oždian from Crown Comedy Club organised a phone interview with Jimmy Carr to see what Prague can expect from the show. Carr’s excitement for his two shows at the Congress Centre in Prague was immediately noticeable as he expects there to be a lot of “tanked up” English mixed in with the native Czechs for these Friday night shows. He spoke about how this adds a great atmosphere to his shows and how here in Prague – where you can get a beer for less than £1 – it means people will be “drinking like Vikings” which enables great verbal back and forth between the crowd and himself. As for Prague itself, Carr has spoken to many people in the past who have all suggested taking his show to Prague. So much so that he almost feels embarrassed that he has not been before now. However with the show just around the corner he hopes to just have a great time in the city and to get to know the locals.

With popular demand leading to Carr’s first show in Prague selling out quickly, a second bonus event for 600 people was added, meaning that there will be two shows on April 1st, one at 6:30pm and one at 9:00pm. Two shows in one evening is no strange thing for Carr to do but several people voiced concern that this could lead to Carr’s performance suffering because of it. He was quick to reassure us that the opportunity to perform two shows in one night really encourages him to deliver the hilarious performances people expect from his shows. Carr says that normally he is on stage for 2 hours per show and so to do 4 hours’ worth of work in one evening is nothing in comparison to those sat in the audience “working for 12 hours a day” earning money to then pay to come and see his show. He claims he is very lucky to be in a line of work that allows him to tell jokes for a few hours and still call it a job. Wanting to perform for as many people as possible is what really allows him to enjoy his work.

When it comes to performing the shows across so many different venues, one of the biggest worries is whether the humour translates well in each different country. Carr explains that each show usually follows the same pattern. He says that 70% of the show is written before the tour has even begun, this means that the same set of jokes are being used throughout the different venues. The other 30% of the show usually involves a lot of crowd interaction, Carr is no stranger to hecklers and welcomes the challenge it presents him to come up with quick lines to put down a heckler in hilarious fashion. However even Carr admits that sometimes the heckler wins by saying something so funny he can’t think of anything to come back with and this adds to the beauty of his shows. This 30% is the part Carr enjoys the most as he does not know what people will say and he loves this unpredictable element of his shows. So get your heckles ready, because Jimmy Carr will give as good as he gets!

When on tour, Carr enjoys getting to a city early so as to have a chance to explore and take in some of the culture, Prague is no different for him as he looks forward to seeing what the city has to offer. He talks about the commitment to a few rules when on tour, these include sampling some of the local food – regardless of what is it is – and also trying out the local drinks. I hope he leaves plenty of space for a steaming bowl of goulash with an array of dumplings and of course who could forget a Pilsner to wash it all down with. Seeing the tourist sites is also a must do for Carr, he feels that he should go and do as many of the tourist things he can before leaving any city. However he also makes reference to the fact that many of the tourist sites have never even been visited by the locals which he always finds quite funny, “who has ever been to St. Pauls in London if you are actually from London?” he jokes. With a mention of Prague Castle, Carr jokingly assumes that is where is staying and hopes the locals crown him King, they might just if he makes them laugh enough.

Carr is known in the UK for making appearances on television, he has made several appearances on Top Gear. Asking what Carr is currently driving, he replied that he is now driving a pimped out Range Rover with; tinted windows, a wide screen TV, airplane seats, not one but two fridges and a freezer, ideal for keeping fish fingers in according to him, what a luxury! Being from Britain myself, I enjoying a good cup of tea from time to time. However, when Carr goes on tour he leaves all of that behind so as to briefly immerse himself in the culture of each different country making the tour that much more interesting. Save the tea to come back to England for then!

Without a doubt, Jimmy Carr’s double show in Prague is set to be a memorable night full of laughs that anyone who loves comedy should not miss out on. There is something for everyone when it comes to Carr’s brand of comedy and this is what has enabled him to continually succeed tour after tour. His first visit to Prague is set to be unforgettable and is guaranteed to leave everybody wanting more. Prepare yourselves Prague, there’s a good chance your sides will split at the show.

Tickets are still available for Jimmy Carr’s 6:30pm show at the Congress Centre, Prague so grab yours before the last few go. The King of English stand-up comedy is set to take over Prague and this is one royal appointment you will not want to miss.

Crown Comedy Club has been bringing professional English stand-up comedy to the Czech Republic (Prague & Brno) for 5 years now. In 2014 Crown Comedy Club produced show for stand-up comic and beatboxing guru Michael Winslow in Prague. Jimmy Carr’s upcoming show is the biggest one to date with record breaking 1700 seats sold. Crown Comedy Club is run by Czech stand-up comic Dominik Oždian aka Dominik Heřman Lev. (Do you think that's funny? Prague.TV 02.02.2016)

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