POLYGON: Prague’s Premier Underground Electronic Showcase

POLYGON did it once again with another night (and morning) of music

Reminiscent of pop-up underground punk shows that littered England in the ‘70s, or the changing locations of speakeasy’s in America in the ‘20s, the rogue underground electronic music night POLYGON is bringing an edgy excitement to the night life of 21st century Prague. Last week, on Friday the 13th, POLYGON did it once again with another night (and morning) of music. Starting at 22:00, the event kept with its tradition of running very, very late with a show that lasted until 12:30 the next day. Filled with electronic music that is low profile, bass intensive and sublimely routine, the constant drum beats and lack of a truly cathartic moment make the entire experience drag into something that is in the ether between reality and a fun nightmare.

What partially is the allure to POLYGON is that it is an ever-evolving event: what started as a small scene in 2013 has now three years later blown up and become one of the hottest tickets in the Central European underground circuit. With constantly changing locations for shows, anywhere from abandoned slaughterhouses to warehouses, POLYGON routinely drafts international artists from Germany all the way to Mexico, for nights that have become the stuff of lore for the electronic music scene. The crowd itself brings on a strange mix of people: devoid of one characteristic, the crowd is eclectic in style, spanning outfits from the mundane to the absolute strange, an inclusive event that doesn’t necessarily pride itself on being so, but is rather a side-effect of creating something so palatable anybody could enjoy the coolness of it.

This past Friday the 13th, POLYGON planted its feet in Prague 7, at a club previously known for its pop styles, called Face2Face. The scene was characteristically dark and industrial, a running theme POLYGON has adopted. POLYGON takes efforts into the digital realm to attract crowds, using modern graphic designs and last minute locations and directions to make the event seem that much more mystical. Adapting to their new day and age, POLYGON takes its promotions to Facebook where they put all the information for those subscribed to their page, as well as event pages for specific nights.

Although the next show is yet to be announced, it is worth it to go to their Facebook page to wait and see when the next event is. At the very least, go on to see pictures of the event that look as unreal as the description sounds. For a night that is completely different in every good way possible, POLYGON is going to be something worth checking out for a long time.

You can find them here: www.facebook.com/polygonpolygon

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