Fireworks to be banned in Prague's center

Only a dozen locations in the city will be approved for fireworks shows

Prague authorities are in the process of preparing an ordinance that would prevent setting off fireworks in the city's historical conservation area and near river banks. Areas for the organization of pyrotechnic events will be defined outside the center. The prohibition should apply from mid-December.

City Councilors are responding to a series of complaints from residents of Prague 1. The complaints were joined by Czech Environmental Inspection and authorities for the river basin. Noise and light from fireworks can cause the death or injury of swans and other waterfowl.

In the summer months, fireworks displays usually just before 10 pm are almost a nightly occurrence to end private events and parties.

Fireworks would be allowed at 12 location in the city including Výstavište in Holešovice, the Congress Center and Žluté lázně.

One of the biggest fireworks displays is a New Year's Day show held at 6 pm in the evening. In the past took place at Střelecký ostrov and a pontoon on the Vltava. It was moved for two years to Letná, and after complaints from local residents was moved in 2016 to the National Monument on Vítkov Hill.

Fireworks fired from pontoons on the Vltava River are prohibited to protect waterfowl, but generally can still take place on the river.

Under the law on fireworks, pyrotechnic products from the first to third category only require a report before they are used. For the most dangerous category, number 4, it is necessary to ask permission from the Mining Authority.

Category 4 fireworks are only for professional use only such as aerial shells and other items banned for sale to the public. These can be dangerous in amateur hands. Category 2 and 3 are garden and display fireworks and can be sold to public. Category 1 covers indoor fireworks and similar ones that pose minimal damage.

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