The 1980s live at Cafe 80's Prague

A downtown eatery cooks until 4 am and plays New Wave classics

It seems almost everybody's favorite decade is the 1980s. Fans of the colorful decade can meet up in Cafe 80's, a combination bar, restaurant and basement discotheque. The venue features not only 1980s music and décor, but also drinks from that era. Another plus is that the kitchen is open until 4 am, and closing time is 5 am. It opens at 5 pm, which is rather late for a cafe as well. The venue also can be booked for private parties and events.

Klára Machalitzká has been working at Cafe 80's for a year. “I think the 80s is nice for everybody — it is fun here, it is full of color. People like the music and the drinks,” she said. The drinks include swimming pool, sea breeze and Long Island iced tea, which were popular several decades ago.

“Even the glasses are typical for the Czech '80s. The decorations are from the '80s, and the atmosphere,” she said. Decorations include vinyl records, VHS tapes and film posters. One table even has an assortment of céčka, a plastic C-shaped toy that was a popular trading item among Czechoslovak children. They were designed as garment hooks, but didn't work.

The décor and music is a mix of Czech and international 1980s, and the clientele is half Czechs, half tourists with some expats thrown in. There is also a mix of ages, with people who remember the 1980s and those who were born after.

Even the oven comes from the 1980s. “We make our own bread for the burgers. The kitchen is open and you can see the cook preparing the food. And people can talk directly to the cook. … Our cook likes the attention,” she said. The chef, though, does get busy from midnight to 4 am as many other places in the center don't cook that late. Aside from burgers, the venue serves fried and grilled chicken, fried cheese, pork cutlets, beef tartare and other favorites.

The staff is all familiar with the 1980s, even though some of them were very little then. The bartenders are all familiar with drinks from the era. The staff also knows the music and films so they can answer patrons' questions.

Machalitzká has her own top bands from the era. “I like George Michael, I love The Cure and Depeche Mode. I was born in the '80s. I don't remember all of it, but I have some favorites,” she said. As for films, she is a Rocky fan.

The club in the lower level, which of course has a disco ball, has different DJs on different nights, but the music tends to be all from the venue's theme decade. New Wave and dance is the most popular, but sometimes some punk and harder stuff is played, depending on the mood of the crowd. “Especially in the Czech Republic even younger people they still know the music from the '80s. We rarely mix it with popular music from now. We are quite OK with the '80s,” she said. The DJs take requests after midnight. “It is because of the atmosphere that Czechs like the 80s,” she added. The bright neon colors are part of the appeal.

Cafe 80's is also popular for company parties and events. It can host between 50 and 300 people on both floors, and special décor can be ordered. One item popular for holiday parties has been fake snow for a white Christmas. Helium balloons can also be brought in, and companies can chose other elements to make a 1980s theme.

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