Prague won't set closing times for pubs

District have been asking the city to set a curfew on certain streets

Prague City Hall won't regulate the closing hours of pubs, restaurant or other catering establishments, according to Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO). The local administration of Prague 2 had asked to be able to limit the hours due to noise near a particular restaurant on a street in Nové Město. The Prague 1 administration had previously made a similar request.

Krnáčová said that a blanket regulation is not the right way to address local issues, and the proposed rule on closing times would not be beneficial to the city as a whole. She added that she was in agreement on the issue with the municipal commission for legislation.

Prague 2 had specifically been complaining about noise from pubs on Trojická Street. Prague 2 Deputy Mayor Martin Víšek said he was disappointed with the decision. Local citizens had been contacting the district administration about noise and other unpleasantness associated with the consumption of alcohol into the early morning hours. The district, however, is powerless to set closing times for clubs and restaurants, and only City Hall can do that, added. He further asked that City Hall would see to it that the Municipal Police established peace in the area so people could sleep.

Prague 1 had asked for rules on closing times for pubs and restaurants on certain streets in 2014, citing among other things a Constitutional Court ruling that sale and consumption of alcohol can disturb the peace at night.

The city in recent years has banned the consumption of alcohol on the sidewalk in select areas downtown and also put up multilingual signs reminding people not to make noise in residential areas. The problem of noise at night from bar patrons continues, though.

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