Freedom Call to play in Prague

The band is supporting their latest album Master of Light

German veteran power-metal band Freedom Call will hit the Czech Republic on the conclusion of the Masters of Light tour. The band will play Prague's Klub Nová Chmelnice on March 17 and Zlín's Masters of Rock Cafe on March 18.

Freedom Call has been at the forefront of the happy-power-metal scene for almost two decades with an uplifting combination of speed metal drumming, major-chord riffs and high vocals that sing of equality, hope and victory. Their sound stands somewhere between J.B.O. and Gamma Ray, playful yet mature.

“I am a very positive-thinking man, and I'm writing positive-sounding music,” founder, vocalist and guitarist Chris Bay told music site Noisey. “I went in this direction where I said, yes, we are a happy metal band and we are making happy music.”

The origins of the band can be traced back to 1998, when Bay and his long-time friend Dan Zimmermann, Gamma Ray's drummer, completed a six-song demo with renowned producer Charlie Bauerfeind. The line-up was completed by Ilker Ersin on bass and Sascha Gerstner on guitar, and their debut album called Stairway to Fairyland came out the following year, selling over 35,000 copies.

However, this initial line-up, which produced two studio albums, Stairway to Fairyland (1999) and Crystal Empire (2001), would not last for long, as Gerstner left the band in 2001. 

Freedom Call would see many changes since then and, nowadays, Chris Bay is the last warrior standing from the original line-up. Although the current bassist is Ersin, he had left the band in 2005 and remained absent for eight long years. Lars Rettkowitz joined as lead guitarist in 2005 and Ramy Ali is the man behind the drums since 2013.

Since Crystal Empire, Freedom Call has released seven more studio albums: Eternity (2002), The Circle of Life (2005), Dimensions (2007), Legend of Shadowking (2010), Land of the Crimson Dawn (2012), Beyond (2014), and their latest release called Master of Light, which came out in November 2016.

Despite receiving negative reviews from heavier-metal oriented critics, which describe Freedom's Call music as “whimsical” and “fruity” metal for kids, Bay stands strong on his musical intentions.

“The new album‭ [Master of Light]‬ is a continuation of the previous album‭ ‬Beyond‭‬.‭ ‬We just want to give the listener the chance to be part of our positive thinking way,‭ ‬our happiness and optimistic view about life and the future,” Bay told metal review site Heavy Music Headquarters.

The Masters of Light tour hit Latin America on December last year and, after a Christmas break, took up again in February with a European tour, which began in Germany and will visit seven more countries before coming to an end in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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