Prague Nightlife FAQ

Based on the PTV team's own experiences and those of our users, here's our guide to going out in the Golden City

Which are the best clubs for house and techno?

Try Roxy, Radost FX, Mecca, or SaZaZu.

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Which are the best clubs for hip-hop and R'n'B?

Try Face to Face Music Club, Club Sabotage, Saturdays at Klub 007 Strahov, Karlovy Lázně Music Cafe, or Thursdays and Saturdays at Radost FX.

Are there any club nights that play Britpop, indie rock and alternative rock?

Try Heartbeats, Wednesday nights at M1 Secret Lounge.

Which are the best clubs for live punk rock?

Try Klub 007 Strahov or Modrá Vopice.

Where can i find late night food?

Radost serves up excellent late night vegetarian fare until the wee hours in a hip enviroment.

What about small dj bars?

Wakata (Prague 7, Letna), Punto Azul, Cross Club (Prague 7, Holesovice)

What about after the sun comes up? Are there any after hours places in Prague??

Try Le Clan for cozy couches, low key house, and dark corners. Head to Studio for late morning dancing.

I just want to go to a traditional pub where locals drink. What do you recommend?

Try U Pinkasů, U Černého vola, U Zlatého Tygra, U hrocha, or U Rudolfina.

Is Prague safe at night?

Compared to most Western capitals, Prague is a safe place to have a night out, but pickpockets and unscrupulous taxi drivers are a big problem. Beware also of having your drink spiked, although this type of incident is relatively rare.

How do I get back to my home/hotel at the end of the night?

If you can't afford a taxi, or don't want to run the risk of getting ripped off, your other option is the night tram. Beginning shortly after midnight, the DPP (Prague Public Transit) operates nine night-tram routes, numbered 51 through 59, serving various parts of the city. Night trams generally run every 30 minutes, and all pass through the Lazarská stop, on the Prague 1 street of the same name. There's also a night bus service, numbered 501 through 514, but this mainly caters for the outskirts of the city.

I wanted to go to a night club. Why did my taxi driver take me to a brothel?

In the Czech Republic, the term "Night Club" is used to describe brothels. A dance club is usually simply a "Club" or "Klub" or "Disco".

How much money will I need?

The obvious answer is that it depends how much you plan to spend. See our Cost of Living in Prague article for an idea of prices.

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