An Evening with Dorůžka

The David Dorůžka Trio is an absolute must-see

Earlier this month, The David Dorůžka Trio played at the locally renowned Jazz Dock in Prague 5, where Dorůžka stunned the audience with virtuosic abilities on guitar and in composition.

Dorůžka, a Prague native, has been prevalent in the local jazz scene since the mid 1990s. He has won several accolades for his accomplishments, including, the Anděl prize and the “Talent of the Year” award (receiving the latter at just fifteen years-old). A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, in Boston, (USA), Dorůžka has studied with and played alongside several jazz legends, including Pat Metheny and Herbie Hancock.

The David Dorůžka trio consists of bassist Jiří Slavík, drummer Martin Novák, and naturally, David Dorůžk. To anyone present at their most recent show, it is apparent that they have an extraordinary chemistry. They played with impressive dynamics, blaring out in one moment and dropping to a whisper in the next.

Dorůžka travelled all over the musical spectrum. He laid down bluesy riffs on his hollow-bodied electric, which were reminiscent of Wes Montgomery. Then, he would switch to a classical, nylon string, which he played with gentle precision. Dorůžka tied this all together with a fresh, experimental style that had the classic jazz influence but also contained on injection of something new and contemporary. There is no doubting that Dorůžka’s style is his own.

An integral part of the show was the rhythm section. Slavík, a capable speed demon, played with controlled vigorousness, and moved his body with the tune. While, Novák played with impeccable style and imaginativeness, with relaxed posture. He was constantly switching sticks or even dropping his sticks and playing with his fingertips. These constant texture changes, although subtle, gave the music certain vibrancy.

The overall atmosphere in the venue was that of unpretentious sophistication. The crowd was relaxed but scanning the room head bobs, foot taps, and contented smiles were ubiquitous.

A note to jazz fans in Prague and the greater Czech Republic -- The David Dorůžka Trio is an absolute must-see. And to those in such close proximity to these world-class musicians it would be a travesty to pass up a live show.

The David Dorůžka Trio’s next concert in Prague is June 19th, 9:00 pm at Jazz Dock.

David Dorůžka Trio

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