Fall collection for Heart Days starts

Volunteers will be selling magnets and tokens to help sick children

The traditional collection for Heart Days is under way and will last until Friday, Sept. 22. The money collected will help children with serious illnesses in the Czech Republic.

The campaign is run by the charity Život dětem (Life For Children). Their mission is to help sick, disabled and abandoned children throughout the Czech Republic who find themselves in a difficult situation and need professional help and support.

People who want to help can find student volunteers in the streets and buy a magnet with a picture of an animal for Kč 30 or tokens in four colors for Kč 35. Život dětem has organized the collection for 17 years in the spring, autumn and winter. Over the years, the charity has helped thousands of families.

The proceeds from the public collection will help sick children who, due to their state of health, are dependent on a parent for full-time care at home. By purchasing souvenirs, people will contribute to the purchase of rehabilitation and medical aids, wheelchairs, strollers, medical supplies, special diets or rehabilitation stays for children.

The face of the autumn Heart Days campaign is year-old Honzík, who shortly after birth stopped eating and had to be taken to Motol Hospital. He suffers from Hirschprung disease, where the nervous system does not function in the large and small intestine. He has had three operations and much of his intestines have been removed. He now receives food through a permanent venous catheter, and he needs a lot of expensive equipment.

He is just one case though. The collected money will go to help other children in the Czech Republic.

“Stories like Honzík's are the reason we've been organizing Heart Days since 2000. We've been trying to help parents pay for the treatment and make children's lives a bit more joyous. We are delighted that we are not alone in this. We are constantly expanding our network of schools and companies that engage in our collections every year, helping our only common goal — to help the smallest ones who cannot do without our help,” Život dětem said on its website.

Detailed information about what Život dětem does and where the money goes, including independent auditing reports, can be found at www.zivotdetem.cz

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