Prague buys 30 ambulances

The city is modernizing its emergency response fleet

Prague City Hall will buy 30 new ambulances this year. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans will be delivered to the emergency services by the end of the year. The ambulance equipment resembles a mobile intensive care unit.

The value of the contract is Kč 122 million, the price is final and includes their complete instrumentation, communication and supervision systems including instrumentation for electronic medical documentation, which has been put into the routine operation since January this year.

The vehicles will make a major contribution to maintaining a high standard of care provided to patients and to reinforcing a busy fleet. The new ambulances replace vehicles from 2007 to ’09.

“[This type of] ambulance has proven its undisputed benefits in patient care and accidents in Prague and also in other metropolises, Even so, in Prague, there have been no serious injuries to the transported patients or personnel," Ján Doubrava, deputy director of the Technical and Operational Section of Prague’s Emergency Service (ZZS HMP), said in a press release.

The wagon area allows healthcare professionals, among other things, to access the patient from both sides. In emergencies such as mass disasters with a high number of injured, it is possible to transport more patients at one time.

“Prague’s Emergency Services is a busy emergency service and it also corresponds to the equipment used in ambulances. They also have to ensure care for patients with the most serious health problems, who are going to specialized centers in Prague hospitals,” Doubrava said.

Rescue workers and the drivers were directly involved in setting the requirements in the tender. Emphasis was placed mainly on safety, comfort and high-quality instrumentation, both with medical technology and modern communication and information systems.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ambulances comply with technical certification for pre-hospital emergency care. They are equipped with a seven-speed automatic gearbox and 140 kW engines that comply with the strictest Euro 6 emission standard.

All the ambulances feature an adjustable hydraulic table in addition to a life monitor, lung ventilator or oxygen therapy, which provides the patient with a safe and convenient transport including cushioning to eliminate shake during transport. Newly, a self-loading system is available for easier handling of stretchers when loading and unloading them.

The equipment also features an air conditioning system that maintains optimal conditions for drug retention and transportation even at extreme temperatures. The equipment also includes a folding transport chair fitted with conveyor belts that facilitates patient transport, especially in houses without elevators.

“Following the long-term strategic plan we want to achieve that in 2021 that Prague’s Emergency Services will be equipped with 80 modern ambulances, whose age does not exceed six years. We believe that new ambulances will contribute to preserve the excellent emergency medical care for patients in Prague,” City Councilor Radek Lacko said.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ambulances are used by Fast Medical Assistance teams, which are the backbone of the entire rescue service system here and around the world. In cases of the first urgency, the response time is within eight minutes of receiving the emergency call. The crew consists of a medical rescuer and a driver or two medical rescuers who, if required, call a doctor.

The ZZS HMP car fleet numbered 142 vehicles at the end of last year, which reached 2.5 million kilometers in 2017.

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