New Trends in Czech Dentistry

The International Clinic of Prague's CEO outlines some of the innovative dental techniques now available in the Czech Republic

This article provided by International Clinic of Prague.

New trends in dentistry have arrived in the Czech Republic. The 21st century is here and research and technology have advanced. Some of the innovations sound almost like sci-fi, but the progress is vast.

All the latest technological devices are in Prague under one roof at the International Clinic of Prague. So what makes the difference?

Tooth decay can be treated painlessly with Heal Ozone and lasers; there is no need to drill anymore.

Diagnoses can also be made with laser diagnostics, ending uncomfortable and sometimes painful and noisy probing. The laser indicates even the smallest change in tooth enamel, before the cavity even appears. Painless Ozone treatment then leaves the tooth intact and healthy.

When having top quality implants, temporary crowns can be fitted immediately so you don’t have to leave toothless. Sedation for surgery and implants is very popular now. Individual packs of sterile instruments for all patients are the norm.

Dental hygiene twice a year is the foundation of preventive dental care. By removing tartar and calculus regularly, gum disease is prevented; all bacteria are also killed by the lasers.

The latest oral cancer screening finds even the smallest irregularities in the mouth fast with a high-tech, safe and painless special light.

Invisible braces are a revolutionary technology in orthodontics. Most people don’t even notice you’re going through treatment! When we add the most advanced on-chair bleaching technique, which takes only about 40 minutes, your teeth become a great calling card.

Gentle care, expert bilingual specialists, doctors and staff -- all under one roof in the most modern high-tech central Prague dental clinic.

Lukáš Hinterbuchner is the founder and CEO of the International Clinic of Prague. For contact details, see the International Clinic of Prague's Prague Directory listing.

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