Coping With Hay Fever in Prague

Following Czech pollen forecasts can help sufferers get a handle on their allergies

With its numerous green spaces, Prague is a great place to be in the spring and summer months. For hay-fever sufferers, however, this can be a miserable time.

Some relief is available for people struggling with pollen allergies in Prague, however, just as it is elsewhere in the world.

If the medication available over-the-counter from a pharmacy (lékárna) isn't doing the trick, for instance, you might want to see an allergy specialist (alergolog).

( has a Czech-language listing of allergy specialists in Prague.)

The UK's National Health Service (NHS) Choices website advises sufferers to try staying indoors when pollen counts are at their highest -- typically the early morning, late afternoon and early evening.

If you do go out, the NHS suggests wearing wraparound shades, keeping car windows shut and showering and washing your hair when you get home.

If you know which particular type of pollen (pyl) you're allergic to, it's relative easy to keep track of the peak periods and take precautions accordingly.

Thanks to the efforts of the Česká pylová informační služba ("Czech Pollen Information Service"; PIS) and its 12 monitoring stations, information about high pollen counts (pylové informace) is widely reported in the Czech media, often alongside weather forecasts.

Information from the Czech-language PIS website is also available on the English-language section of, where Dr. Ondřej Rybníček posts regular updates about the current situation in the Czech Republic.

If you're away from your computer, the following list of translations should help you make sense of Czech-language pollen reports.

English NameCzech NameLatin NamePollen Season
AlderOlšěAlnusFebruary to April
AshJasanFraxinusApril to May
BeechBukFagusApril to May
BirchBřízaBetulaMarch to May
ChestnutKaštanovníkCastaneaApril to May
CypressCypřišCupressaceaeApril to May
Elder/ElderberryČerný bezSambucusMay to July
ElmJilmUlmusMarch to April
HazelLískaCorylusJanuary to April
HornbeamHabrCarpinusApril to May
Horse-ChestnutJírovecAesculusApril to May
JuniperJalovecJuniperusMarch to May
Linden/Lime/BasswoodLípaTiliaMay to July
OakDubQuercusMarch to May
OliveOlivovníkOleaMay to June
PineBorovicePinusApril to May
PoplarTopolPopulusMarch to April
Sycamore/PlanePlatanPlatanusApril to May
Tree of Heaven/AilanthusPajasanAilanthus altissimaJune
WalnutOřešákJuglansApril to May
WillowVrbaSalixMarch to May
YewTisTaxusMarch to April
English NameCzech NameLatin NamePollen Season
CocksfootSrhaDactylisMay to September
Couch GrassPýrElytrigia repensJune to August
FescueKostřavaFestucaJune to August
Foxtail GrassPsárkaAlopecurusMay to July
Maize/CornKukuřiceZea maysJuly to September
Meadow-Grass/BluegrassLipnicePoaMay to August
Pellitory-of-the-Wall/LichwortDrnavecParietaria officinalisApril to September
ReedRákosPhragmitesAugust to October
RyeŽitoSecaleMay to July
RyegrassJílekLoliumJune to August
Timothy-Grass/Cat's-TailBojínekPhleum pratenseMay to August
Yorkshire Fog/Velvet GrassMedyněkHolcusJune to August
English NameCzech NameLatin NamePollen Season
Alfalfa/LucerneVojtěškaMedicago sativaMay to June
ChenopodiaceaeMerlíkovitéChenopodiaceaeJune to September
CloverJetelTrifoliumMay to September
DandelionPampeliškaTaraxacum officinaleApril to August
German/Blue ChamomileHeřmánekMatricaria recutitaJuly to September
HopsChmelHumulusJuly to August
Nettle/ParietariaKopřivovitéUrticaceaeMay to September
RagweedAmbrózieAmbrosiaJuly to October
RapeseedŘepkaBrassica napusApril to May
RibwortJitrocelPlantaginaceaeMay to September
Sorrel/DockŠťovíkRumexMay to September
White MustardHořčiceSinapsis albaApril to May
Wormwood/MugwortPelyněkArtemisiaJuly to October
Source: Česká pylová informační služba

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