Prague’s rescue service to expand in 2019

The service saw a lot of action last year, with Žižkov seeing the most responses

Prague’s Emergency Rescue Service (ZZS HMP) had a busy year in 2018 and plans to grow in 2019 to be able to provide better coverage.

The ZZS HMP plans to increase the number of employees this year by recruiting dozens of new workers and will expand its fleet with 15 new vehicles. Some deployment centers will also be expanded and the flight rescue center at Václav Havel Airport Prague will be modernized.

The air rescue center has been operating for over 30 years, and is outdated. The city will pay some Kč 20 million and airport operator Prague Airport (Letiště Praha) will pay Kč 5 million. A new building should be made from prefabricated parts and be ready in two years.

Prague’s Air Rescue Service is one of 10 such active units in the Czech Republic, and it has been operating since 1987.

Prague’s Emergency Medical Service (ZZS HMP) crews went out on a total of 128,997 calls in 2018, for an average of 353 per day. In the field, 628 patients were resuscitated.
Not all calls required a vehicle to be sent out. Dispatchers received a total of 208,727 calls on the emergency line, and 757 times were able to assist by telephone in an emergency resuscitation, in 19 childbirths were aided over the phone. Of all the treated patients, almost half of the seniors are over 70 years old, according to a ZZ MPH press release.

Some people call for help several times a year, but many of these are people with long-term illnesses who lack the means to go to a hospital on their own. There are, however, a number of constant callers who do not help though and try to abuse the system, but the dispatchers are aware of who many of these callers are.

The busiest day was once again Jan. 1 with 454 responses, followed by Dec. 7 with 437 and March 12 with 427 events. There were 11 days in 2018 with over 400 responses in 24 hours.

By district, rescuers were most often went to Žižkov, with 4,015 cases, followed by Chodov with 3,417, and Vinohrady tied with New Town at 3,254 each.

The most difficult part of the day is between 9 am and 11 am, when the rescue service receives 22 calls per hour on average.

The record for patients taken directly to intensive care units was 58 patients on Jan. 12, 2018, roughly 3.5 times the average daily average.

The most active crews were from the Na Slupi base in Prague 2, which went out 4,982 times, followed by the Žižkov crew with 4,873 and Míčánka A1 with 4852.

The most active dispatcher in 2018 was named Pavla, who handled some 6,104 calls.
The air rescue service went out 539 times.

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