Teeth whitening can be easy

A simple at-home procedure can improve your smile

At my first appointment with Dental Office H33 in Prague 4, I was met by very kind and professional staff.

This visit included cleaning my teeth and creating moulds of them to be used for a whitening treatment at home. The whole process was quick, easy and painless. I picked up the moulds and the at-home whitening kit the following week.

The kit came with detailed instructions with the important parts marked clearly, making it absolutely fool-proof.

The mould had impressions of my upper and lower teeth, and the kit also included four syringes filled with the night-time whitening gel.

To use the night-time whitening gel, you put a small amount onto each tooth outline in the mould, put the mould into your mouth and leave it for two to four hours. Personally, I used them for two or three hours each time, as I was always too tired to wait four hours before going to sleep.

The process was simple and effective, the dentist said I would see results in around five days but I actually saw a slight difference after just two applications.

Once or twice I tried to use them during the daytime so I would manage to stay awake for the full 4 hours, but as you aren't supposed to eat for six hours afterward that turned out to be a bad idea.

One side effect was some tooth sensitivity, which I had been warned about before beginning the process. It was mild and not long-lasting.

I used the kit at home for two weeks and the results were great, even if I did miss a couple of days by accident.

Then I went for the finishing whitening at Dental Office H33. This time a UV light was used as well as a gel to get maximum whitening. The process was fast and simple.

Everything was explained to me clearly before we started and then I just sat back and listened to a podcast while waiting for the whitening process to be over.

The results are great! My teeth are clearly whiter, but without looking unnatural. I have received lots of compliments about my smile since I had the treatment, so I'm very happy with the service.

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