Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Wellness Yoga Studio's Lucie Krejčířová explains the benefits for pregnant women

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Before you get pregnant, you do yoga for yourself. After you are pregnant, you also appreciate the awareness this deep practice gives you of the life inside of you. Whether you are pregnant for the first time or you are already a mother, doing yoga during your pregnancy will help you in many ways. From the physical aspect, it helps to ease several issues that pregnant women go through -- from easing lower back pain and increasing flexibility in hips to such issues as hemorrhoids, insomnia and others.

For me as a yoga teacher, it is very important to teach in a way that teaches students to trust their instincts. It works in general for any yoga student, but for prenatal it works doubly, especially because the first three months of pregnancy are especially taxing due to drastic changes inside the mother's body. The early part of this trimester has the highest risk for miscarriage. All of the internal activity during hormonal changes can leave a pregnant woman exhausted, so it is important to establish what the student is really prepared to do.  If something feels bad, stop; if something feels really, really good, keep doing it. A pregnant woman's intuition is why the human race is here, so I want my prenatal students to learn to trust it.

Childbirth opens the door to a very new life for the mother -- exciting, exhausting, thrilling, scary, conflicted situations, while trying to manage all the physical demands of parenthood. It takes your body some time to recuperate, and the return to your usual yoga routine should be easy, focused on gentle stretches, guided pranayama and meditation to restore physical and mental strength. The Yoga Mom and Buddha baby class offers more. It is doing yoga to help you stretch, relax and strengthen as you hold your baby, have your baby next to you, against your thighs, or atop your belly. Baby yoga is special yoga you guide your baby through to encourage natural flexibility and growth. It takes advantage of babies' love of being touched. They are getting used to and exploring a new environment; touch is both reassuring to them and a way to connect to the world.

For you as the mom, practicing yoga with your baby offers very tangible physical results: it helps improve your posture, flexibility, strength and endurance. It contributes to your physical and mental well-being, can help to ward off potential postpartum blues. Not to forget about the rest, savasana (corpse posture) or leg-up-against the wall will help to relax and restore both body and mind.

It is never too late to start practicing yoga and always rewarding. Starting your yoga routine pregnancy is a great path for yourself and your baby.

Om Shanti

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