An Interview with Doctor Joseph Šmarda

„Life in Balance“

Although he’s going to be sixty this year, he leads a lifestyle his colleagues of half his age can envy him. A top immunologist, biochemist, a car racing driver and an athlete. RNDr. Joseph Šmarda, B.Sc. has revolutionary ideas and understands life. He applies his knowledge on himself and promotes healthy lifestyle. His experience helps both people with decreased immunity and professional sportsmen. Who is this extraordinary man and what are the cornerstones of his philosophy?

Doctor, what will be the topic of our today’s interview?

“The topics will be laid out in three different areas - sports, medicine and engines. These areas are very visibly connected; especially now when I am sixty. You see, when someone is good at sports when he or she is forty, no one cares. Take Jaroslav Jágr for example. Only after he’d reached fifty years, people have started to be interested and ask questions...”

For example in you...

“Yes. When I was fifty five I drove an endurance race – the well-known Epilog. I was one of the oldest and I drove for the longest period of time. The people around immediately started asking how I was doing it.”

Let’s start with medicine.

“Medicine itself has big deficiencies. It has the know-how but it doesn’t apply the knowledge. I would drown anyone in a tablespoon of water, who would challenge me in questions of science and life. I totally live what I promote! It’s very awkward to see a doctor who weighs 180 kilograms, smokes twenty cigarettes a day and tells us how we should live. We will not accept it.” Moreover, this person doesn’t have even the slightest idea what is the purpose of selenium in human body and that the significance of selenium is well-known to humankind for several centuries. What is the reason for a 60 percent deficiency of selenium in children bodies today and for various immunological problems of the majority of them?

But what about the engines?

“Mercedes Benz company produces a screw for 10 Euro cents, where the costs of development of such a screw are two million Euro. If the screw breaks as a result of insufficient testing in the development phase, it is a huge loss for Mercedes Benz . They have to recall all the cars and fix the problem. Medicine doesn’t recognize such accuracy. When I’m having lectures on accuracy for students, doctors and professors, they don’t get it. The reason is they are kept in their exclusive shell of biology, as an inexact science. However in medicine they have to start applying the same precise testing as every other exact science.”

OK, but why you?

“I studied at the University of Chemistry and Technology, specializing at cellular biochemistry and I worked as an analytical biochemist. My heterogenic structure of education exactly matches what I have been proclaiming about my theory of applied immunology.”

We, journalists love simplicity. Would you call yourself an immunologist?

“When someone asks me where I’m from, I answer: I don´t know because my clod of earth has changed many times during the last 100 years. My Swiss colleagues do not have this problem. Their country has stayed without change for 720 years already. When someone asks me to describe myself, I answer the same because my science has more flexible boundaries and is in echelon of living sciences. This term is unfortunately unknown in Europe but widely spread in Asia. My scope of expertise in this science area is wide. Among people who contact me are parents of autistic children, as well as an investor with GULF syndrome or a banker with chronic tiredness. And I solve their problems. I study natural processes in bodies and life itself. It’s a principal thing.”

Everything that you described is your profession, isn’t it?

„It is.“

Even the motor sport?

“Yes. It is tightly connected to everything I do. For example when I’m calculating a mathematical model of signal molecules balancing in a body and I’m applying it to the state-of-the-art branch of immunology.”

Which one is it?

„A matter of energetic, quantum medicine that fully recognizes laws of ultimate balance. I would like to return back to the mathematics. I can calculate even very difficult equations and matrices in my head and therefore I can set balance from many hundreds of numbers. I’m also able to have a look at a person and recognize if s/he has a deficiency of copper, iron or selenium or other elements. I simply have this gift.“

So you are very good at your profession. I’m interested in examples of those people who use your services. What “type“ of balancing (treatment) do you provide them with?

“I’d like to start with the term treatment. This TERM was created by people and treatment itself is a very abstract thing. It is like a patent of western healthcare. In the end the term “treatment“ can be used only by pharmaceutical companies and western types of clinics applying this western healthcare. Healers and people dealing with the life, wellbeing and fitness cannot use this word. I personally do not use it from the first day I left the university and I’m considered by people to be very ethic. It´s very simple, I work in an ethical and professional manner, with their BALANCE, and I’m leaving a precise treatment to Mother Nature.“

So you are out of reach for classic pharmacy at all?

„I´m not. I cooperate with pharmaceutical and chemical companies as a consultant and I´m trying to change their IMAGE, to lead them more to Nature and natural processes and I´m successful in it. A Swiss company, I´m working more than 24 years for, completely changed their product portfolio and produces millions of kilograms of natural materials.“

I´ll go back to the previous question, it´s essence was different...

„I´m dealing with balancing. In balance there is an ultimate or infinite possibility of a human being to be healed. It´s not my law, it´s a law of the Universe.“

Is this the term?

„Yes. When I see analysis of your blood, urine, plasma, feces, etc., I can determine your imbalance index or defects of balance. Therefore you are supposed to be „ill“. After making an ideal balance of these values, based on my study of hematology, biochemistry, etc., you are „cured“ and you can be marked as HEALTHY. Or in other words: You will come to a better stadium of your life. The terms HEALTHY or ILL are absolutely abstract terms. However, with detailed tests and clear graphics of the imbalance, it´s possible to concretize and then words HEALHTY and ILL gain their clear shapes.“

But for many people it´s abstract.

„It isn´t. People understand it perfectly when it´s explained well to them. Because a good consultancy is necessary in every branch of human activities. It´s very interesting that my best listeners are technically focused people, architects, builders, constructers, who are able to make an extrapolation relation between their profession and my accurate work on testing their organisms very quickly.“

People who come to you know how the healing process looks like, don’t they?

„They don´t know it but I tell it to them in the first sentence. It sounds: I´ll bring you to the BALANCE and this BALANCE is the first law in your healing process.“

We talked about physical aspects. What role does the mental side play? Can we measure it somehow?

„Absolutely. We are coming to quantum mechanics that very few people in the Czech Republic understand. This small set of people definitely does not work in the field of medical or laboratory practice. I’ll go back to the word balance. Fifty percent is formed by physical and fifty percent by spiritual part. Today we are able to quantify everything, even an evil thought or love. Nowadays these are well-known values, unfortunately here in the Czech Republic they are not being analyzed at all.

How can this be done, or analyzed?

Let’s take blood of two people in love before and after coitus. The blood will be different. Breakthrough researches in this area appeared already in 1981. The first receptor with opioid character was discovered on brain cells. Today we know thousands of different receptors. These receptors accept signal molecules we work with on a daily basis. There were already 3 Nobel prizes awarded in this area, however Czech society is not very familiar with the names of the winners, or with their scientific programs.

Why did you start to focus on professional sportsmen?

When I lived in Canada, I was competing as a professional car racer on many circuits in the Northern America for many years. I started competing in Europe, when I turned fifty four, which is the age when other car racing stars retire. One journalist even asked me, when she learnt my age as the novice in European racing, if I knew that many professional sportsmen of my age are dead or out of the game because of health problems.“

So your task is not to let the sport destroy them?

„Exactly. Those who work out in a high physiologic imbalance revenge upon their own body severely. In ten, fifteen years, without having the team of professionals around, they will end up like veterans from wars in Vietnam or The Gulf.“

Doesn´t an imbalance belong to professional sport a priori? We are talking about high physical performance here after all.

„Everything can be compensated. If a sportsman takes an extra circuit, he won´t have an extra hotdog but adds an extra antioxidant, extra vitamins and amino acids into his menu. It’s the same thing like connection of a high performance engine called human body with a high performance engine V8 Buick with 865 HP that we built by stiffening those parts of the engine that are under highest pressure. Instead of iron, we used parts coated with iridium or chrome or similar. Everything is about balance.“

Are both engines alike?

„In the past it was not possible to compare those and the historical method doesn´t lead to this conclusion. We state though that the human body has the mechanical construction similar to that engine. And we are right. The majority of Germans over 50 years and having 120 kilograms in average don´t take care about their body in the same way they do about their Bimmer. When these highly intelligent men with great jobs are driving on a highway and the red light indicating the low level of oil starts blinking, they start sweating heavily and searching for the nearest service to arrange filter and oil replacement for their beloved car. However, they don´t care about themselves. I ask them why they don´t change oil in themselves too. For example by taking an organic selenium, vitamin B12 and other micronutrients... It´s an old medicine after all. They answer when their pump (heart) seizes up, good German professors will fix it easily. Very odd thinking.“

What about their doctors and professors?

„They like to refer they know the top minds in the branch. However these people were the top fifty years ago when human nutrition was still good. There was no Lidl or Aldi and a potato still had its value. Today it doesn´t. And this is the biggest problem of each doctor or professor of medicine. They do their fantastic medical operations on bodies that are highly deficient. Therefore today we have so many deceases amongst patients with nosocomial and iatrogenic character.

So the awareness about medicine doesn´t reflect the actual time?

„We have old data from 1970 to 1980 that are used for balancing feedstuff for animals. I´m very familiar with that, because as a biochemist I´m not only engaged with immune systems of people but also animals. Acid rains murdered nutrients in soil completely. Microelements disappeared from plants by 75-90 %.“

Why is that so?

„Specialists, and I don´t use their profession names intentionally, e.g. M.D., who are focused on classical science, have never actually touched mechanics, classical physics, kinetics and dynamics. They don´t understand the connection. I know that because I am lecturing in hundred countries in the world and I see reactions of all people are the same, i.e. influenced by a doctrine. In average, I visit from 40 to 50 universities and science labs a year. I´m telling them for example that weaknesses of multiple groups, where they succumb to a certain pressure, precisely follow the law of a girder of a bridge over Vltava river or any other river, of course. When this girder is overloaded, in the same way as a bank CEO or an investor in an investment company, an organ breaks in the place of the weakest point of the organism.“

Is this applicable to sportsmen, too?

„Yes. If a chess player is overloading himself, he will likely to get a neurological disease. He works with his brain. Another sportsman doesn´t care about his muscles and can be ill when he´s fifty. A sportsmen taking a lot of complex proteins or even simple proteins, has to protect his liver. Otherwise he´ll die of liver cancer or he´ll suffer from autoimmune disease of liver. It´s sad because sportsmen’s health should be an example for others. Unfortunately the percentage of illnesses among sportsmen is very high. Just take a look how many top sportsmen are suffering from illnesses. I don´t have to name them, all sport fans know well. I can give one clear example, the saddest one from top sport history – one of the best baseball players - Mr. Lou Gehrig. He was one of the best batters in this sport. He felt ill with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a highly progressive disease of neurons severely affecting musculature. It´s very sad that the famous sportsman entered the world of medicine as a name donor to one of the most terrible diseases known by mankind.“

What are the basic guidelines for us not to get knocked down? By whatever.

„ Keep checking ourselves and closely focus on our physical and mental balance at all levels starting from macro/mili/micro and down to nano/pico/femto.“

When someone comes to you, how in details do you work together?

„I don´t have huge peculiarities. I can work with a sportsman who´s only interested in applied immunology as well as with someone whom I can take care about in a more complex way – starting from specific wellness coaching to the deepest level of femtograms of signal molecules. There´s only one question to that particular sportsman or any other person: what is her/his choice and how far is s/he willing to go. I’m telling that because today competitions are being won by millimeters or literally a nose and not ten horse’s lengths like it was in Emil and Dana Zátopek´s times. Therefore, it´s necessary for each and every sportsman to be ready both physically and mentally in order to be able to win by millimeters. That requires an absolutely clear preparation on nano/pico/femto level, which our sportsmen are missing unfortunately. I don´t want to mention names but dozens of final rounds are being lost by Czech sportsmen in the last minute, last set or last round of the tournament. I, as a consultant and a sportsman, have 45 years experience with such finishes, with a large success rate of wins, not losses. Just as an example, in my last race in Spa, Belgium, I ended up on a podium of a very difficult Porsche Cup (with 52 racers). The first three places had their times within 19 hundredths of seconds. I´m willing to share my heritage of 45 years´ long presence in top sports with those who have the courage and want to reach the very top.“

Still you work on a basis of private consultations...?

„Yes, I don´t cooperate with any insurance company.“

So how expensive it is working with you?

„Let´s say, it´s expensive for the Czech conditions. Nevertheless if we look at similarly specialized professors dealing for example with autism, yearly costs for a close work with an autistic child in the United States is 130 to 150 thousand dollars. I´m able to do similar or even better work eight times cheaper. For sportsmen my work is very detailed, however price for it is totally negligible compared to western countries. Because of this I have also many sportsmen from western countries, who come to me for consultation or examination. “

Why autism? Do you have any personal experience with it?

„My main scientific focus after leaving the university in Toronto was on managing the biggest laboratory in the Northern America. It dealt mainly with observation of environment. We got a project to observe the immune system of animals suffering from heavy industry. We discovered big deficiencies which started my carrier of an applied immunologist. Autism is a very general term like flu or diarrhea. It´s undefined, only a name of a broad set of millions of various symptoms in children and adults. My article was published at Regenerace magazine in 2009. I stated there I can compare analyses of millions of autistic individuals and each of them will be different. The disease is not defined. The reason why there is such a big focus on autism today is that among all the others this illness copies environmental problematic the most. If we took the Earth and made a distribution list of autistic children, it would copy sites with higher pollution level of the environment. It´s not yet published and no one wants to hear about that. I´m convinced if parents of autistic children knew that, they would immediately sue the companies that caused industry revolution. People don´t want to hear the truth.

How often do you see that people don´t want to hear the truth?

On daily basis. In April I´ll be 60 and I’m telling you very seriously that we are hearing lies of a cardinal character every day from 0 AD. After death. We also hear that there are other small nations like Norway, Sweden and other that are more successful, per capita, than the Czech Republic. Honestly, I think this statement is an artificial lie. Personally I think that the Czech Republic is the most concentrated sports country in the world. Take a look at our historical victories in Mexico City. Take a look at Jarmila Kratochvílová´s and Jakub Železný´s world records, ice-hockey leadership of Jan Bubník and Jaromír Jágr and others. These are sport attributes we can build upon if we all pull together and current Czech sportsmen will be cherished by former sportsmen with their heart on the right place and not by money syndicates. Victories with a heart will prevail again or otherwise sport will turn into an improved version of poker and it will be a kiss of death for the whole sport unfortunately.

What we spoke about in indeed very complex. Also very individual, connected within yourself. Do you have someone to hand your knowledge over to?

„Of course, I will have. This person or organization has to come and demonstrate strong interest. They have to convince me in that. I thought I had found such a group already but these people betrayed me. Seems like deception, lies and theft is easier to people than serious work. This is unfortunately reflected in our daily lifes and especially in lifes of Czech people, producers of values. Unfortunately values have been disappearing from our daily lifes and it´s necessary to get them back into every aspect of it starting with the daily bread and to highly noble sciences.

So you test people.

„Always. I never tell them the complete truth. It will be provided only when someone convinces me that s/he is completely serious and truthful.“

I have the feeling you are quite a busy man. If I wanted to consult my life with you, would you find some time for me?

„I will but I have to be sure that your energy and vibrations express that you are keen on that. I have been choosing my whole life. Even the clients. It doesn´t make any sense to work with someone who isn´t entirely convinced about power of balance. It´s the same also elsewhere! When you want to give energy to others, you have to burn yourself. It´s a simple rule.

What about you, how do you take care about yourself? Do you protect yourself?

„I eat over a hundred of natural pills a day. Only of biological and very pure origin. They represent milligrams on the scale of the natural balance and my brain weights everything every day. Where I am, what I´m doing, how many hours I spent on an airplane, what was my training like, what meal I ate, etc. Therefore in my sixties I´m able to be in such condition that my hands do not tremble, I race in a car, I have a 5 phase personal training if I there is enough time I travel the world, sometimes even 120 flights a year. I keep my shell in balance and it´s bullet-proof. It´s in perfect condition and acts according to that. If the shell is in bad condition, it starts mutating or dying too early and it´s the beginning of problems.

Author: Jaroslav Kramer
Source: Prague Leaders Magazine

Who is Joseph Šmarda?

Doctor Joseph Šmarda was a first league sprinter in Dynamo Pardubice since he was 15 and in TJ Gottwaldov since he was 19 and was trained by a well-known trainer Bohumír Zhanal. In 1979 he immigrated to Canada where he established a new science branch applied immunology and became a world expert in it. He was also engaged in engine industry and started his own company for car engines. He also opened his own immunology lab in Calgary. In 2004 he returned back to the Czech Republic to the immunology department in Nové Strašecí where there is a division of his company from Canada, nowadays owned by his family living in Canada. Joseph drives for motorsport team Mičánek Motorsport and gives lectures at many well-known universities and in biochemical companies like H. U. Hofmann AG, or Sanyo Trading Ltd. Tokyo.

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