To Be Beautiful Means To Have Purity On The Inside, As Well As The Outside

An interview with Jaroslava Pichrtová, Entrepreneur, Physiotherapist, and Owner of a Successful Beauty Salon

The beauty of a woman – that is the central topic of our interview with entrepreneur Jaroslava Pichrtová. The owner of a successful beauty salon in Opava, she revealed her secret “beauty formula” to Leaders Magazine. That she has one is obvious, as she herself looks fantastic. Her slim body, alabaster skin, and gorgeous shiny hair have the power to raise eyebrows among women of all ages.

Dear Mrs Pichrtová, you are an entrepreneur, physiotherapist, and beauty expert. Is that correct?

Yes, I think that describes me. However, I am foremost a woman who tries to lead other women to find beauty, and not only outer beauty. For more than 13 years I have been working with special techniques in lymphatic drainage, which helps drain unwanted liquids from our bodies. You would not believe how many women have this problem, and how relieved they are when I help them. I use a Vacupress device and it works wonders.

Can you describe this special tool?

Vacupress is a unique device with its own method of lymphatic cleansing. The machine both massages the patient to induce lymphatic drainage, and vacuums up the liquid. It clears the lymphatic system and removes toxic substances from our bodies. At the same time it loosens fat cells and reinforces tissue. It is an effective and healthy method of activating our lymphatic system, and draining toxins from our bodies, including unwanted fat and cellulite. It encourages the production of elastin and tightens the skin.

How exactly does it work?

A massage head on your skin stretches the skin and fat cells, 1 to 3 cm. At the same time, the machine draws toxins from cells with a vacuum technique. By doing so, the massage head mobilizes fat reserves in the skin that would otherwise stand still. This allows the fat particles and other waste to be transported to a lymphatic system and eliminated. After this vacuum massage, the skin may breathe again. A slight reddening of the skin indicates that its metabolism is working.

You have mentioned inner beauty…

Ten years ago, internal cosmetics arrived to the market, which include various vitamin, mineral, and herbal agents. I was quite familiar with these products so I began focusing on them, consulting with specialists about the newest findings, and above all, using the products myself. I was very much intrigued by things such as internal Zink, for example. Organic Zink is actually a key component of many hormones, enzymes, and so called functional chelants in the female body. If there is not enough Zink in the female body, there will be a deficiency in the production of many compounds, such as collagens – which may cause bad skin, ageing, or poor growth of the nails and hair. Such knowledge is priceless, but unfortunately it is sometimes difficult learn.

Generally I can say that beauty for me means being pure inside as well as outside. Beauty has many shapes, however for every woman it should mean taking care of your own body, keeping it in harmony, and staying calm. It sounds difficult, yet it is possible. The first step is to make a firm decision and stick to it. This really is the key to your success. As with running, the most difficult part is to put on a pair of trainers and get started. Once you are moving, you will feel better and better, and the training will become your everyday routine. Many women say that they have tried many times and failed, that they are skeptical and maybe a little lazy too. Although it is sometimes very hard, it is important to keep going.

What do you do to take care of your skin and body?

I am my own walking promotion. My personality, how I look, how well I feel - these things are what I have to show my clients. I first try products on myself, and only then do I recommend them to others. My clients know that they can absolutely rely on me and my judgment. I can show my clients what works for me. I believe that this is the reason they come back. Of course, there is high competition in the “beauty” market, and it is difficult to recognize good quality. I only promote products that show results. And I see results in my clients. I offer my clients complex, proven service and consultancy.

What about the products? Are there plenty of them on the market?

I personally select only the best and most effective products, those which fully correspond with my motto: “Nothing but the best”. The same goes for my clients. I really use only good quality cosmetics, usually French brands, Italian brands, and Canadian Xocai from pure bio cocoa. Most importantly, I first test all products on myself. I also eat healthy chocolate from Xocai as a functional food that provides antioxidants. Only after I try a product will I recommend and offer it to my clients.

Yes, food is a very popular topic these days…

We definitely are what we eat. Our diet must be very pure and especially varied. For me, the crucial thing is the origin of food. The basis of a healthy diet is vegetables, salads, fruits, and meat (which ideally should make up about 5% of our daily diet). I am not a vegetarian at all, as it is proven that a healthy diet requires meat. However, I always choose good quality, organic foods. Food is scientific, and people should approach it accordingly. Dietary supplements are important as well. As I mentioned, a deficiency in Zink or Selene may cause big problems for women, and these minerals must be replenished. It is very important to use products that are completely organic and non-toxic.

Mrs Pichrtová, we may only admire your vigor, beauty, and invincible optimism. What do you recommend to our readers so that they may feel great like you?

Every day do some exercise, take care of yourself, and rather than spending your time in a café, or drinking alcohol, invest in your health and inner beauty. Your effort to do so will manifest itself on the outside, and you, as well as your surroundings, will feel harmonized and balanced.

Thank you.

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