The flu season is just around the corner!

Vaccinate yourself against it.

What is influenza?

Influenza, otherwise known as flu is a common febrile disease caused by a quickly mutating virus. Each year, it is responsible for infecting about 10% of the global population, with some locations suffering 40-50% infection rates when during a pandemic. The flu is known to cause symptoms including headaches, cough, a runny nose, fatigue and a rise in the overall body temperature. Unlike viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, influenza can be a very serious, life-threatening disease.

Preventing the flu

Vaccination is the only true prevention method and patients who suffer from chronic diseases are strongly advised to immunize themselves. Even healthy individuals can protect themselves from unwanted health problems.

Vaccination timing

Vaccination for adults is recommended prior to the epidemic period. It takes approximately 14 days following vaccination for the antibodies to the flu to be formed. The incubation period of flu is about one to four days. Vaccination should therefore be administered prior to the flu season occurring as belated vaccination may not be as effective.

Reasons why our doctors recommend vaccination

According to some studies, vaccination reduces the occurrence rate 5 to 6 times when compared to those people who were not vaccinated. Individuals weakened by seasonal flu are more likely to contact other forms of flu (swine flu for example). In addition, those already immunized make it easier for doctors to diagnose different cases of flu resulting from pandemic influenza.

Combining pneumococcal and seasonal flu vaccines

Pneumococcal infections are responsible for causing pneumonia as well as meningitis. Luckily, vaccination for both influenza as well as pneumococcal bacteria can be administered in conjunction with each other. We recommend combing the two after consulting our doctors who will establish a suitable vaccination schedule for you.

More information here: Don't forget to get vaccinated against the flu

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