Are You Considering Quitting Smoking?

Smoking is comparable to constantly irritating an open wound

The New Year often marks a time when people decide to stop smoking. However, the process of doing so often proves very difficult and most revert back to smoking again. By seeking out a professional (such as a general practitioner), you will be better prepared to deal with the withdrawal phase.

Do you feel bad about smoking and want to do something about it? It always helps to first understanding why you wish to quit and what benefits not smoking will bring you. Whatever it is that motivates you, you can rest assured that the decision to stop smoking will be one of the best ones you will ever make. Smoking is definitely a dangerous habit that has many adverse medical effects. These are known to include cancer and atherosclerosis both of which are known to surface many years and sometimes even decades later.

What happens after you quit smoking?

Being addicted to cigarettes has both a psychological and physical aspect to it. Not having enough nicotine will result in the body and mind craving for it. You must be prepared to undergo a period of recovery where your body will cleanse and purify itself. Thinking about the things you would like to do after you quit smoking can also play a very positive role.

Smoking is comparable to constantly irritating an open wound, therefore preventing it from healing. Once you stop, the body will then start a regeneration process, cleansing itself and eliminating the associated complications. During this process, your smell and taste will improve while your body will eventually revert to a normal, healthier state.

Increased irritability, cravings, a decrease in concentration and unstable sleep are just some of the problems associated with the quitting process. Sometimes, these symptoms may last for several weeks. While you can use nicotine substitutes, experts believe that decreasing doses over time is a good way of overcoming the symptoms and eventually quitting entirely.

Can professionals help you?

If you really want to quit, we can help you in motivating yourself and provide you with qualified recommendations to help you along the way. A professional has an extensive overview of the available products on the market to help you quit (including sprays, patches, gums and more).

When patients suffer from strong physical addiction, they can be prescribed drugs that affect the receptors that would normally bind with nicotine. With the help of this, you will eventually not have the urge to smoke. When needed, combining this with help from a psychologist can lead to success.

Some people use electronic cigarettes which are less intrusive to those around them. However, the nicotine addiction problem itself is not addressed. Other methods are also available, but the key to success remains the will and desire to quit along with the necessary motivation to help you through it.

For help and advice, please feel free to book a visit with your general practitioner by calling 235 360 133 or by emailing us on [email protected].

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