5 ways to relax and stay healthy in Prague

Do beer, heat, salt, fish and extreme cold hold the secrets to longevity?

After a hectic day at work, there is nothing better than to relax and pamper yourself. Here a list of 5 unusual places in Prague that make your fitness trip even more entertaining and enjoyable! Of course in the land of beer, a beer spa treatment can't be missing from this list.

Sauna on a Boat: Naplavka is well-known for hosting cool events, but Lazne Na Lodi has been kept on the down low. Located on the boat down by the train bridge, the boat spa has a capacity of 15 people and is open between 18:00 and 23:00 every day of the week.

It is recommended to make a reservation as the spa is quite popular: but you don’t need to bring anything else. You can rent sheets, towels and slippers there and they even sell a nice selection of Bernard beer. If you get too hot, you can jump into a cold water tub on deck or directly into the Vltava River – just don’t forget that you’ll only be wearing your birthday suit.

Beer Spa: Drinking beer may be a popular activity in the Czech Republic and it’s becoming almost as popular to bathe in it. There are several beer spas throughout the city including Beer Spa Bernard. Traditional beer spas include 30 minutes in a beer bath (with unlimited consumption of draft beer) and 20 minutes of relaxing in a heated bed.

Massages are also available for an extra fee while and original souvenir and memorable photo are included in the price. Depending on the spa, the prices may vary but anywhere between 1,500 and 3,500 CZK for one tub (up to two people). Beer Spa Bernard costs 2,490 CZK for two people without a massage, and 3,190 CZK with a massage of your choice.

Salt Caves: Great for people with respiratory problems and allergies, Salt Caves are also generally good for everyone’s well-being. They have gained popularity in the past few years and there are even special ‘caves’ for children at fitstudio Kotva.

These man-made caves filled with salt are a nice place to relax, go on a unique date and you can even rent out an entire cave for a special occasion. They generally fit 10 – 15 people and have reclining chairs with blankets. Trickling water, relaxing music and pretty lights make the experience even more enjoyable. One of the more popular Salt caves is in Prague is in Holešovice.

Skin-Eating Fish: It’s common to see tourist soaking their feet in aquariums full of skin-eating fish. While these fish are not piranhas, there are supposedly risks of infection when undergoing this procedure. Most people have no complains however and enjoy the tickling fish nibbles.

Thajsky Raj offers the Garra Rufa for a great price in several different locations in Prague. The “doctor fish” originates from Turkey, Syria and surrounding countries and they are known for their healing and beauty qualities. This practice dates back to the 1800s and you can experience it yourself for just 299 CZK.

Freeze to Health: Cryotherapy is the use of low temperatures in medical therapy, and at the Kryocentrum it can be done in several ways including the Polarium. It has a stable temperature between -110 and -130°C and it is recommended to spend 2 – 4 minutes in this temperature.

Doing this regularly helps the body fight a variety of diseases and is great for overall health. It is great to expose your body to extreme cold even before work, going to the gym or doing mentally-challenging activities. While this specific treatment is safe for everyone, exposing yourself to the cold in unmaintained conditions (such as out in the cold on your own) can be dangerous.

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