Turn your Smile into your Best Accessory

Make sure that when you smile, the world smiles with you

Everyone knows that smiles are contagious. A smile can change your day, improve your mood and committed positive thinking can gradually change your life. Stained teeth, however can keep the most confident person in a tight-lipped frown.

Did you know that low pH and a high concentration of sugar in your food are a deadly combination for your teeth? Soft drinks and juices have that exact combo: drinking them allows the pH to cause erosion while sugar creates a breeding ground for bacterial colonies. This as well as eating foods that stick to the surface of your teeth will eventually result in cavities. This can be prevented by drinking lots of water after consuming these dangerous foods.

On an aesthetic level you should also watch out for coffee, black tea, tobacco, red wine, Coca Cola, blueberries, etc. The products are unavoidable for many people but they can cause unsightly stains on your teeth. Again, it is recommended to increase water consumption. Another solution is to use tooth paste with whitening enzymes or peroxide. Keep in mind that the combination of bad brushing technique and the wrong tooth brush are another deadly combo.

White teeth keep trending and special whitening toothpastes are littering the markets. What many people don’t know is that long-term use of some toothpaste can cause the opposite effect. This is because most whitening toothpastes have abrasive principles. When used short-term they will help get rid of pigments but with chronic use they cause enamel abrasion. Enamel not only protects our teeth and keeps them healthy but it is also makes it easier to clean them.

The best way to get quick, long-term and safe results is by getting your teeth professionally whitened. There are many reasons to make this potentially life-changing decision. According to Lucca Gaffuri, brand manager for Swiss Smile, teeth are the second most visible and prominent features to our eyes. They are a prominent mean of expression, radiating confidence, sensuality and personality.

A bright smile can be the key to making a great first impression and professional whitening is a painless process. There are many different techniques used by dentist but one of the more effective techniques takes just two hours. The process involves a manual cleaning by the dentist followed an application of special whitening gel. A UV lamp is then placed to shine on the gel to increase and accelerate the whitening process, guaranteeing a whiter smile.

It’s not just about looks though, fresh breath is an equally important factor. 90% of bad breath comes from the oral cavity. It can be caused by lazy brushing that leads to bacterial infestations that feed off of food remains – these bacteria get rid of waste by emitting gases that may force even your closest friends to distance themselves. Better oral hygiene is also an effective way to avoid painfully annoying mouth ulcers.

You can brighten up your smile today without abstaining from your favorite beverages or meals. The other benefits include fresher breath and a confidence boost. Pop into the dental office for a whitening procedure and watch as the world smiles with you.

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