Beer Country Eats, Sleeps, Breathes (and Bathes) Beer

Fall in love with beer beyond your taste buds

The construction of the Charles Bridge started in the 14th century under Charles the IV. There are many different rumors about what was used instead of cement – and it wasn't just eggs. According to one website the secret ingredients that helped hold the bridge together include various organic products such as milk, blood, cottage cheese, wine and last but not least: beer.

Beer isn't just great for drinking and bridge-building; it has many amazing uses including beauty. Beer shampoo for one has many benefits that you can't find in your regular Head and Shoulders: it contains proteins and it guarantees a long-lasting shine. The only down side is the unappealing smell of beer that may linger after a wash.

Another way to reap the benefits but risk the smell is taking a beer bubble bath. Alternative of investing lots of money into a spa trip where your beer-soaking time is limited, buy a few bottles and enjoy the bubbles. The beer will soften your skin and give you a unique glow.

You can also use beer to make yourself beautiful from the inside out. Beer can be used to marinate meat because of it's acidic nature which makes the meat nice and tender. Unlike wine, beer won't alter the taste of the meat but will make leaner cuts less tough and more delicious. The marinated meat has to be left in the fridge ideally overnight – but keep in mind that you can NOT drink the marinade.

There are several other ways that you can use beer in the kitchen and not all of them require eating. The pots and pans won't clean themselves but luckily for you, just a few drops of beer will put a nice shine on anything metal. Don't forget to let it soak or sit before you start scrubbing!

Accidents can happen – it's not uncommon for beer to end up on the floor. If you're enjoying a beer outside, it may end up in the dirt. Apparently this has it's benefits too! Beer can not only help fix any brown spots in the grass but it can also eliminate various pests. The sugar in beer will help grass grow strong and you can use it to drown unwanted slugs who like beer almost as much as you do.

Spilling beer indoors isn't an issue either, especially when it comes to wooden floors. Not only does beer remove stains but it can also work to polish floors. Just make sure to dry it well and maybe use some soda or liquid cleaner after. This will keep your flat from reeking of stale beer.

Everyone knows that drinking alcohol can warm you up on a cold night. But there are other ways that beer can keep you stay warm without raising your alcohol level. If your heating system revolves around the temperature on a thermostat then all you need to do to heat things up is place a chilled beer on top of the box. This will trick an automatic thermostat into making things a little more toasty.

Next time you have an extra beer, don't let it just sit in your fridge: splash it in your hair, in your cooking pot and all over your household.

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