Women’s Health 101

A little guide to woman's healthcare in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has a great healthcare system and it is important for women to understand how to take advantage of it. Finding a gynecologist is the first step to staying healthy and there are plenty to choose from. Most English speaking gynecology clinics aren’t covered by insurance so it is important to know your options.

If you are registered with a general practitioner before you find the right gynecologist, it is possible to ask them for a 3-month prescription of birth control pills – as long as you are already taking them and know what type you need. A general practitioner can also do a breast exam and recommend you to a public hospital that can administer STD tests.

STD Tests:

There are various locations where you can get STD tests for free. The Institute of Sexology at the Všeobecná Fakultní Nemocnice (CZ and EN) is located at Ke Karlovu 460/11 at Karlovo náměstí. It can be difficult to navigate and they only speak Czech, however they have a relatively short lines and you can get the results within a week.

This costs a total of 60 CZK – you have to pay 30 CZK when you come in for the test and another 30 CZK when you return to find out the results. You can call for an an appointment at 224 965 247 and you can find a map of the hospital here.

Another place to get a free testing (or for a fee of 500 CZK if you need a certificate) is Česká Společnost Aids Pomoc, z. s. - Dům světla. Located in Malého 282/3, Prague 8 in Karlín, the Czech speaking organization’s mission is to educate people and prevent the spread of STDs. Along with their permanent location, they also list the times and location of their mobile testing station on the main page of their website. The test is of course anonymous and they offer a free 24/7 hotline (CZ) for consultation: 800 800 980.

If you wish to go to an English speaking testing clinic, consider Medicentrum. Located in Prague 5, Medicentrum offers various tests for individual STDs as well as more complex assessments. The pricelist can be found online in English – the full assessment that includes Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV I, II, Chlamydia + Gonorrhea + Syphilis costs 4,000 CZK. Appointments can be made over the phone at 724 018 298 or via email at dermatovenerologie(at)medicentrum.cz.

Cervical Cancer Vaccinations:

Czechs are big on vaccinations and have many mandatory shots for children. Cervical cancer vaccinations are not mandatory but they are highly recommended. This vaccination is offered to girls aged 12 – 13 and protects against two types of HPV which is responsible for 70% of cervical cancer in the UK*.

This vaccination should be consulted with your gynecologist and maybe also a general practitioner. Most gynecological clinics can administer the vaccination which requires 3 doses that takes a total of half a year. The second dose is given one or two months after the first dose (a minimum of 4 weeks) and the final dose needs to be taken 6 months after the first dose.


A popular English speaking clinic that is not covered by insurance includes the OG Group (EN and CZ). Located in Prague 1, the clinic has English speaking doctors and offers all women’s health services including vaccinations for cervical cancer. Before visiting them, call ahead to make an appointment and to find out about the cost of their services.

Other popular clinics include ProFemme (CZ) and Gynia (CZ). ProFemme has some English-speaking staff and prices that are slightly lower than the OG Group. Gynia only has Czech speaking staff, however they only require a 1,000 CZK yearly fee that includes check-ups, email communication and they can even send you a birth control prescription by mail.

It can be overwhelming to consult long lists of gynecologists, but it is highly important to find the right one. When searching, don’t forget to consider if you want a man or a woman, whether their opening hours match your schedule, what health insurance companies they accept, their location and cost. You can find a comprehensive list of Prague gynecologists here.


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