Salon Petra Měchurová has had a run this year!

Salon Petra Měchurová receives again a nomination for the prestigious AIPP Awards

For a fifth time has Salon Petra Měchurová won a nomination for the AIPP Awards which is a prestigious world hairdressing award. This year in the Best Commercial Hairstyle category thanks to the Glitter Collection by Anna Pavlicová.

Anna Pavlicová is the new discovery by the Salon Petra Měchurová. This year she already won L’Oréal STYLE & COLOR TROPHY award for the Best Color, Best Cut and also the grande award Best Women Hairstyle.

Annie appreciates each nomination and says that lot of work hidden at the backstage is behind every single achievement. She is grateful for the extraordinary background provided by the Salon Petra Měchurová where she creates her collections

A nomination is already a big success which can even lead to the final AIPP GRAND TROPHY award. The award is presented by the International Professional Hairdressing Magazines Association (AIPP) and belongs among the very few most prestigious awards one can reach in the hairstyling industry. Petra Měchurová won the award in 2009 for her RAY Collection. And that’s how she joined the world renowned names such as Errol Douglas, Trevor Sorbie, Charlie Miller, Robert Lobetta. In previous years she won AIPP award for Best Photo Collection (2005) and second place in Best Avantgarde (2004). Another successful avantgarde collection was the Animals Collection in 2014.

This year it was the swift and youngish Glitter Collection to win the nomination. The collection was inspired by the pulsating and electrifying lifestyle of New York.

Glitter collection

“ Glittering or even dazzling streets of New York are the place of inspiration for the Glitter Collection. A place full of shining neon-lights, pulsating shapes and diverse spirits. A mixture of moods and novel colors, a man rather lowers his gaze before in order not to get blinded – all that is the Glitter at first sight. But upon becoming acquainted Glitter will get to you with its refined cuts, timeless freshness and lastly becoming a stream of ongoing inspirations.”

This year’s AIPP Awards ceremony will take place during the world's most renowned hairdressing event, the ALTERNATIVE HAIR SHOW at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, London (UK) where the winners will be announced end of October. The International Professional Hairdressing Magazines Association (AIPP) assembles 69 professional hairdressing magazines from 33 countries. Each year thousands of competition photographs reach the AIPP offices in order to claim the world renowned trophy. Only the best one, who will receive the most votes from the AIPP members and a group of world hairdressing legends, will win the trophy. This nomination makes it a fourth AIPP event for the Salon Petra Měchurová and an opportunity for another AIPP award won. Fingers crossed for Anna Pavlicová. We are looking forward to this year’s trend-setting and inspirational event.

You can follow the event on the AIPP Facebook page or Salon Petra Měchurová‘s blog and Facebook page.

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