Salon Petra Měchurová's junior stylists are a new generation of talent

Junior stylists at the world-class salon are already highly experienced professionals

Salon Petra Měchurová, located next to the Kotva mall in Prague, ranks among the top Czech hair salons for its creative approach. The salon has even gained an international reputation for being on top of contemporary coiffure.

Some new customers, however, are initially reluctant to put their look in the hands of the salon's junior stylists. But people who do so can find their trust rewarded. The initial reluctance is understandable, as people associate the idea of junior with inexperienced, but that is far from the truth in this case. Junior stylists are not newcomers. They already have significant experience and also undergo at least six months of training directly from Petra Měchurová. The junior stylists are not novices, but hair professionals in the full swing their careers who are creative and have an interest in learning new techniques and the latest trends. They have decided to make the move to a top salon to put the finishing touch on their career progress.

Salon Petra Měchurová's junior stylists, for example, often participate in the coiffure for fashion shows, were hair style is an important part of the overall look. Fashion designers such as Liběna Rochová and Natali Ruden have used the junior stylists. They have also designed hair styles for Dreft Fashion Week and Prague Fashion Week.

“This proves that the designers fully believe and know we will do a great job,” managing director Julie Černá says.

The junior stylist team includes Zuzana Chromečková, Dominika Kapalínová, Markéta Horáková, Jana Vrátná, Eliška I´lkaninová and Žaneta Bělíčková.

They have been successful in competitions and have been at many fashion industry events.

Zuzana Chromečková won in the Best Male Hairstyle category in the L’Oréal Style & Colour Trophy. She was also nominated in the Art Image Change International.

“My job in the salon is my biggest passion. Creating individual hairstyles allows me to awaken the natural beauty in people and give them a little extra self-esteem,” Chromečková says.

Other stylists are equally enthusiastic. Dominika Kapalínová has also been working with fashion designers and has had her work in major fashion shows. “I love the excitement of the clients when I exactly meet their hairstyle idea and they leave with a smile on their face,” she says.

Markéta Horáková has won prizes in several competitions, going all the way back to when she was still in school. “To be a hairdresser is not just a job but it has been my biggest hobby since I was a kid. I highly regard the trust the clients put into me,” she says.

Jana Vrátná sees the hairdressing profession as an art combining design and hair. She works as if she were creating a statue with her hand. But when it comes to the client, his or her desire is what is most important, she says.

Eliška I’lkaninová is among the youngest on the team. She has experience in fashion photo shoots and fashion industry events. “It is said that hair is the crown of beauty, so why not make a queen out of every woman?” she asks.

Zaneta Bělíčková
became interested in hair styling from her mother, who was also a stylist. She has also gained experience at fashion industry events. “Working with hair for me is like art,” she says.

Salon Petra Měchurová made its mark beginning in 2001 and showed that its stylists knew how to work with trends, whether in using them creatively or creating them. In the Czech Republic the salon represents a place where a personal approach is joined with professionalism.

Salon Petra Měchurová says it is a choice for all generations – from kids to the social networking generation to long-term clientele including celebrities.

Salon Petra Měchurová

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