Dental Health Tourism in Prague

Advertising Feature: The Czech Republic is an increasingly popular destination for people requiring specialist care

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Why not combine the pleasurable and the profitable, and try a little health tourism?

After the Czech Republic joined the European Union, Prague became even more attractive to tourists from Western Europe. Soon, many local companies were able to offer Western levels of hospitality, at a considerably cheaper rate.

Health tourism, however, was largely limited to Western Europe, since the most reputable private clinics were located there. Now, though, even that's changing. Offering a comparable standard of service, but at a lower price than in Western Europe, Czech clinics now attract clients from across the EU.

People increasingly find it appealing to combine a business trip or a vacation in Prague with dental treatment.

At our clinic, we've focused on attracting people who require specialist care, and have concentrated only on dentistry, offering a full range of services. These include implantology, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and prevention, and also involve a doctor-client relationship where the client is kept fully informed, at every stage of the treatment, of all the different options available and their price.

We buy any new technology that makes procedures more comfortable and efficient within a year of it appearing on the market. For example, we recently acquired technology that allows us to create the material used in implantological or surgical procedures from the client's own blood - a technique that intensifies healing, strengthens the bone and limits the chances of rejection.

Furthermore, the orthodontics department now provides the full range of popular braces, with gold, ceramic and "invisible" interiors. One can also choose between the latest prosthetics materials: oxide zircone, titanium, full ceramics and others.

Czech clinics try to avoid inconveniencing their clients in any way. All the main European languages are spoken, and all credit cards are accepted - as are most forms of insurance. Our managers constantly work to increase the number of direct-billing agreements we have with insurance companies.

Ultimately, the Czech Republic offers numerous opportunities, and is able to compete with Western companies, combining high European standards with the Czech Republic's lack of rigidity, and an openness to change.

And all of this is available in a city as beautiful as Prague!

European Dental Centre is a leading provider of dental services in Prague

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