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Prague's notorious nightlife can take its toll on body and mind. Here's a quick guide to regeneration

Alternative Medicine & Homeopathy
PTV Directory: Alternative Medicine

In recent years, the popularity of alternative therapies, homeopathy, and integrated medicine has been on the rise in Prague. The Czech Republic has a long standing belief in traditional medicines and folk-remedies, and this carries over into many modern doctor's practices.

Below are two excellent clinics specializing in Chinese medicine and integrated medicine respectively.

The Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine
They offer a translator for an nominal additional fee. This is also a good place for information regarding Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong in the city.

L'Orchide-Center for Integrated Medicine
English-speaking practitioners in Prague 1 with adjoining shop where you can buy a variety of high-quality homeopathic remedies.

Vlci Mak Shiatsu Centre
Shiatsu center with very qualified practicioners, many of whom speak English.

Feeling run down?
Most lékárnas (chemists) sell excellent herbal teas, such as Šalvěj (sage, salvia), or Kopřiva, a tea made from the leaves of stinging nettles. Kopřiva is a diuretic, and very au-courant in the medical community for its anti-oxidant properties. However, babičky have known it's good for centuries. Life in Prague can be a bit taxing on some of our more vital organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs. This tea is great as a detox remedy after a long night, or if you feel a cold coming on. You can drink it hot or iced.

To prepare the tea: Take a handful of the dried leaf and place in a half-liter jar. Leaf fresh from the garden is best. Fill with boiling water and close tightly. Allow to steep for about 10 minutes. Strain and sweeten with a little honey if desired. When tired or not feeling well, make a concentrate. Double the amount and allow to steep for four hours or more. Some say overnight is best.

PTV Directory: Yoga & Tai-Chi Centers

Yoga, Thai-Chi, and Qi Gong are practiced throughout the city, with many centers offering English classes. While the quality of yoga can vary greatly in the health clubs, the dedicated centers tend to be excellent places to practice and meet fellow English-speakers who are serious about their practice.

Three dedicated yoga centers that offer yoga classes in English are:

Yoga in Daily Life (Joga v Denním Životì)
This center has two locations in Prague and offers workshops and retreats.

Prague Yoga with Monica Angelucci
English speaking "Flow" (Vinyassa based) classes and workshops with a highly qualified American instructor.

Centrum Lotus
Centrum Lotus is a Buddhist center centrally located just off Old Town Square. They offer yoga classes in English, as well as Thai-Chi, lectures, and seminars for fellow Buddhists. For those of you who speak some Czech, the Czech classes are easy to follow and many instructors will offer a few words in English if they think you don't understand.

Tai-Chi and Chi-Gong
PTV Directory: Yoga & Tai-Chi Centers

Tai-Chi and Gi-Gong, the Chinese arts encompassing dynamic meditation, self-defense, and self-development are practiced in many dedicated centers through-out the city. Those who practice Tai-Chi know that learning the forms is a language in itself, and following a class is not difficult. Many people will find that the instructor speaks some English or someone in the class is willing to explain things afterwards. Throughout the city, on lampposts and signboards, you'll find flyers advertising King-Fu, Qi-Gong or Tai-Chi. An excellent place to start is the

International School of Tai-Chi Chuan
The International School is led by Tomasz Nowakowski, a Pole, who has been studying Tai-Chi since 1974 and teaching since 1982.

Vegetarian Prague
PTV Directory: Vegetarian Restaurants

Prague has many alternatives for the vegetarian besides the standard pizzeria or the classic "vegetarian" pub offering of fried cheese stuffed with ham. But in a culture where the phrase "it's not meat, it's chicken" is often heard, the more sensitive vegetarians might want to choose an eatery where no animal has ever come into contact with a knife in the kitchen. For these and others, check our vegetarian restaurant guide.
Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

Organic and Macrobiotic Specialty Shops
PTV Directory: Specialty Shops

There are many shops that offer macrobiotic and organic dry goods. The domestic organic produce industry is still in its infancy in the Czech Republic, but some of the better grocery retailers, namely Delvita and Tesco, have been offering certified organic produce. There are specialty shops where certified organic produce is sold. Be forewarned though that, as in the rest of Europe, you will pay a premium for it.

Potraviny Pro Zdraví (Grocery for Health)
This small shop in Letná has a nice selection of Country Life and other organic dry goods. They also have a nice selection of aroma therapy oils and tinctures.

Country Life
This Prague instution has a few locations throughout Prague. The Prague 1 location has an excellent cafeteria-style dining area with good sandwhiches and soups.

Fruits de France
Once the only retail shop with anything resembling a fresh herb, this venerable Prague shop has many delicious items, both organic and non-organic, from France and elsewhere, although the prices would make a Frenchman feel right at home.

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Sauna in the city centre of Prague.

Unicare Medical Center

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