Recipe for Love

Mango and passion fruit dessert (with rum)

The hardest part about this recipe is going to be treating the rug burns and
scratch marks you may suffer after someone tastes it. It will be worth it. Trust

Basic sponge cake

Combine 500g powdered sugar, 2tbsp sugar and 10 egg yolks together until evenly
mixed. Carefully fold in 125g of all purpose flour and 125g of cornstarch with
10 stiffly whisked egg whites. Butter a cake pan and dust with sugar. Fill dusted
pan with mix and carefully tap against on the table to allow any air to escape.
Bake in preheated oven at 160 degrees for 30-40 min, or until springy to the
touch. Allow to cool thoroughly.

Passion Fruit sorbet

Remove pulp from 500g passion fruit (Fruits de France on Jindřiská has a nice
selection, as does the 24-hour Tesco at Zličín) and discard seeds. Whisk pulp
with equal parts simple syrup (half sugar, half water) and freeze to make sorbet.


Whisk 4 egg yolks with 7 tbsp of rum over a double boiler. (Just put the bowl
containing the mix over a pot of slow-boiling water to cook it with steam, it's
easy, really.)


Cut sponge cake into rounds 10cm in diameter and scoop out a slight hollow in
the center of each. Fill the hollow with sorbet. Cut the flesh of 4 well-ripened
mangos into slices and arrange in the shape of a fan on top of the sorbet. Place
in coldest part of fridge for 30 min to allow it to firm. Coat top with zabaglione
and heat in very hot oven just long enough to brown the top, 1-2 min should
be good enough. Garnish with some fresh whipped cream, if possible, and be prepared...

Notes: If you can't find passion fruit or kiwi, strawberries or blueberries
make a good substitute.

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