12 Prague Cafés Offering More than Just Good Coffee

Explore new spots with unique perks and discover your new favorite café.

The historic streets of Prague can be a maze to navigate but almost every wrong turn leads to a new café. Signs like “life is too short for bad coffee” and “we have no Wi-Fi, talk to each other” summon visitors into unique cafes all over the city. Next time you crave that shot of caffeine, check out these twelve outstanding picks.

Café Louvre: A very unique café located in the city center near the national theater. Bringing together Viennese coffee (and Sachertorte), a mix of Czech & French cuisine and an international atmosphere. Louvre’s guests are almost as diverse as its menu, welcoming movie stars, tourists, students and families to this fancy yet reasonably-priced café. Their history is as rich as their chocolate cake; since it opened in 1902 it received some exciting visitors including Karel Capek, Franz Kafka and even Albert Einstein. www.cafelouvre.cz

Cacao Café Lounge: Boasting a unique concept that combines modern trends in ice cream and desert making with a 12-year old confection-making history. You’ll scream for their sorbet but don’t forget to sample their baked cakes made with raw chocolate, homemade drinks full of superfood additives and mouthwatering meals made with fresh ingredients. www.cacaoprague.cz

Choco-Café U červené židle
: The café known as the Red Chair is the ultimate haven for lovers of chocolate. There are several locations but Liliová 4 near Národní třída is the largest and most popular café with a garden perfect for warmer weather. Macaroons, pralines and cakes are on the menu but the star of the show is hot chocolate. It is rich and delicious because it is literally just melted chocolate – there are various flavor and even alcoholic versions. www.choco-cafe.cz

Ginger & Fred Restaurant: Located on the top floor of the famous dancing building, this fancy restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Even better though is the café with an entrance to the rooftop. The view by night or on a sunny day will impress even the most seasoned local – the unique café offers coffee, cider, cookies and more. www.ginger-fred-restaurant.cz

Cat Café Social Point: There are several cafés in Prague that offers cat cuddles to go with your coffee, but Social Point is slightly different than the others. Everything inside the café is free: coffee, snacks, board games, cinema room, video games and cat toys. You get a card when you enter and you pay for the amount of time you stay – 80 CZK for the first hour and 1 CZK for each additional minute. The staff is friendly and bilingual and the cats are absolutely adorable. www.socialpoint.cz

Kavárna Creperie Palladium: Cozy sofas, delicious smoothies and delicate crepes can become the highlight of your shopping trip to Palladium. Located on the top floor, the café offers 35 variations of sweet crepes and even more options of savory ones. Enjoy their rich menu ranging from breakfast specials to burgers. Oh and they serve beer and wine as well – its 5 o’clock somewhere, right? www.kavarnacreperie.cz

Café Pavlač: Home to the 35M2 Gallery, this café and has a great selection of beer, wine and other beverages. Located in the heart of Žižkov, Pavlač has a great menu with plenty of breakfast options, salads and pasta. The space had a great modern design even prior to the current reconstruction: it should be re-opened soon looking better than ever. www.cafepavlac.cz

Sweet Secret of Raw: Raw food has been a growing trend because of its healthy properties. Since raw food is never exposed to more than 42 ˚C more beneficial enzymes are preserved. Advertised as good for the body and soul, raw desserts have a distinguishably fresher taste. The café also offers teas from fresh ingredients and organic wine from Moravia. www.sweetsecretofraw.cz

Café Nona: Many of us pass by this café frequently without knowing that it exists because it hides behind the reflective glass windows of the National Theater. Nona, the nickname for Nova Scéna, is a large café serving freshly roasted coffee, homemade lemonades and 23 types of rum. Attracting a creative crowd, the café also organizes cultural events like electro swing dancing. Next time you pass by Národní divadlo, make sure to look up at the windows – you may spot beautiful swirling silhouettes of graceful dancers. www.cafenona.cz

Le Camille: Quality ingredients that compose delicious but healthy meals are what Le Camille is all about. Most of the raw produce they use comes from local farmers and are used to prepare Czech, Italian and French specialties. Salads, sandwiches, baked goods, wine and more are waiting for you at le Camille. www.lecamille.cz

Cafe des Taxis
: Discover a unique cafe located on the campus of Anglo American University, the oldest private institution of higher education in the Czech Republic. The cafe offers a beautiful courtyard seating option and a small discount on coffee if you bring your own to-go cup. Experience the laid back university atmosphere of the Cafe des Taxis in a historic location. www.facebook.com/destaxis

Potrvá: Have you ever tried prunes wrapped in bacon? This is the place the do it! This café offers great drinks and coffees just a few minutes’ walk from Hradčanská metro. It is also a theater and has a small stage that hosts big performances. Immerse yourself in art within its walls that are always covered in beautiful artwork and exhibitions. Their unique menu includes pumpkin risotto, red beet hummus, towering sandwiches and coconut chia pudding with strawberries. www.potrva.cz

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