Beer off the Beaten Track

Find the brew less guzzled with this handy guide to Prague's more unusual pivo

For readers who want to throw some hard-earned beer money to the little guys, here's a list of places where Prague beer lovers can sample some of the Czech Republic's smaller brews.

This selection is a starting point for beer lovers eager to look beyond Pilsner and the other beer-hemoths rather than a comprehensive list of available options. (For one of those, visit the Svět piva website.)

Beer from smaller breweries
Listed according to brewery name.

Kutná Hora "Dačický"
U Peruna, Perunova 17, Prague 2
U Mikuláse Dačického, Viktora Huga 2, Prague 5

Louis Armstrong, Cermaková 4, Prague 2

Jamajka, Staropramenná 23, Prague 5

Poličské (Police)
Hrom Do Police, Chodská 16, Prague 2
As well as light (světlý) and dark (tmavý) beers, Hrom also serves kvasnicový (yeast) beer.

Restaurace Baračnicka Rychta, Tržiště 23, Prague 1

Beer so fresh you can smell the sládek’s glove! These are restaurants that brew beer on the premises.

Novoměstský Pivovar, Vodičkova 20, Prague 1
Novoměstsky ležák 11% světlá (light)
Novoměstsky ležák 11% tmavá (dark)

U Bezoušků Minipivovar Průhonice, Květnové nám. 5, Průhonice
This one's a bit of a hike but it's well worth the journey.
Pantátova desítka (light draft lager)
Průhonický bizon 16% (special semi-dark 'granátový' (garnet-colored) lager)
Malvaz (light lager)

Klášterní pivovar Strahov, Strahovské nádvoří 302, Prague 1
Svatý Norbert 13% (light unfiltered lager)
Svatý Norbert 14% (dark unfiltered lager)
Svatý Norbert 18% (semi-dark unfiltered lager)

U Bulovky Richter Pub, Bulovka 17, Prague 8
Reportedly opened for business at the beginning of May 2004.

Pivovarský dům, Lípová 15, Prague 2
Světlý a tmavý ležák (light and dark lagers)
Kávové pivo (coffee beer)
Šamp - pivní sekt ("beer champagne")
Pšeničné kvasnicové (wheat beer)
Višňové pivo (cherry beer)
Májový Kozlík 15% (strong semi-dark Bock-type beer)
Banánové (banana beer)
Čokoládové (chocolate beer)
Adventní vanilkové (vanilla-flavored beer, served at Christmas)
Eukalyptové (eucalyptus beer)
Kopřivové (nettle beer)

U Fleků, Křemencová 11, Prague 1
Flekovský ležák (dark Bavarian-style lager)

'Tied' houses
These pubs have unusual beers supplied exclusively by a particular brewer.

Na Verandách, Nádražní 84, Prague 5
Velvet (creamy half-dark lager)
Kelt (dark Irish-style stout)
Staropramen Světlý (light draft lager)
Staropramen Černý (dark lager)
Staropramen Ležák (light lager)
Staropramen Granát (semi-dark 'granátový' (garnet-colored) lager)
Staropramen Kvasničák (yeast beer)

Burianova lidová restaurace, Vodičkova 30, Prague 1
Primátor 24% (dark)
Primátor 12% (dark)
Primátor Burianova 11% (light)

(Don't forget to check out the Beer Consumption Calculator!)

Excellent selection of pubs. I just wanted to offer the correct address for the pub "U Bulovky Richter". It should be Bulkova 17. You can verify it at that pub's contact page,

-- Paul Backus

Thanks for the correction. Cheers! -- Prague TV

"Re: The Richter Brewery. I was there in May and it's a great place to go. I think it was either Sunday or Monday it was closed, and it's not the biggest of places, but the beer's super, especially the 'Spezial'. Food's good as well, so get there early and enjoy! Only a short walk off the tram (possibly 14) to U Bulovka."
Nigel Fox
September 21st, 2006

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