The Ultimate Guide to Local Liquor - Griotte

Griotte - the Sour Cherry Liquor

Griotte definitely falls into the category of sissy drink. It's a dark red and rather thick liquid made of sour cherry juice, and it tastes and smells exactly like that - as if you just poured it from a jar of pickled cherries. Not that it's a bad thing: It's sweet and fruity, and yet it won't make your jaw stick shut. This is the number one choice for middle-aged women who aren't in the mood for something as strong as Tuzemský Rum, since Griotte (or Griotka as it's usually referred to) features an alcohol content only around 30%.

Fortunately, the young generation discovered Griotte just in time to bring it into the 21st century's drinking culture. There are several pleasant mixed drinks that your girlfriend will enjoy, while you can have a stiff one yourself. The most sinister is called mozek v krvi - brain in blood. It consists of a large shot of Griotte with carefully added egg liquor, which in the dark red liquid forms patterns definitely worth watching. Another rather usual combination is a shot of Griotte in a glass of orange juice, which is also nice to look at. If you feel adventurous, you can put Griotte's color qualities to good use by replacing the grenadine in a tequila sunrise. And should you happen to party in winter, you can use Griotte in grog instead of rum - this is also known as a griotte punch. And, as with most sweet liquors, Griotte also plays an important role in many sweets recipes, and it is a pleasant addition to pancakes with fruit or ice cream.

Griotka is a must-have liquor for all local pubs and bars, and there are several varieties to choose from. However, if you're considering a nice gift for your aunt or granny, try the Jelínek brand in that nice bottle portrayed here.

-Felix Neumann

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