Ideal cafés for studying

A short guide to cozy cafes where students can have a coffee and do some work

Despite the hot weather and summer mood, the new fall semester is getting closer and closer, and many students are starting to wonder where the best places for studying are. Prague has a big cafe culture, but not all of places are quiet or cozy enough to spend hours with text books.

So, if you need to memorize difficult concepts, write an essay or get ready for exams, grab your laptop and check out these places.

Škrétova 12, Prague 2
Second floor: nonstop; Café: Mon–Fri: 7:30–22:00; Sat –Sun: 10:00–22:00

This place hidden behind the National Museum welcomes students nonstop and is ready to provide you with everything you need for studying, including WiFi and a big cup of coffee. The first floor of Cafedu is a café, where students can have a snack and coffee for more energy. The café is loud as students discuss their homework and just relax between the hours of hard work. For those who find it difficult to concentrate, there is a vending machine where students can buy earplugs for Kč 20.

If the atmosphere is still too loud, there is a second floor with a quiet and calm studying place that is open nonstop. The entrance for students for the upper area is Kč 140 per month, Kč 299 per three months, or Kč 399 per six months. Fees for non-students are higher.

Fast WiFi and the cozy atmosphere of Cafedu will definitely help you to pass your exam.

Můj šálek kávy
Křižíková 105, Prague 8
Mon–Sat: 9:00–22:00; Sun: 10:00–18:00

When studying at home becomes boring and hard, Můj šálek kávy, meaning “my coffee cup,” is a great choice. An interesting design with books and retro-style mural creates a relaxed atmosphere for learning new things.

If you need to stay somewhere for hours with your notes, rustle pages, loudly type or just drink coffee trying to remember all the information, this café is willing to provide you the right mood for that.

You can easily spend the whole day there, as Můj šálek kávy offers a big breakfast, lunch and a huge variety of different drinks, including various types of espresso drinks and filtered coffee, plus teas and homemade sodas.


Myslíkova 32, Prague 2
Mon–Fri: 7:30–21:00; Sat–Sun: 9:30–19:00

Good for spending a long time there in a quiet atmosphere, Cefemodi has tasty coffee with syrup that will give you inspiration for studying. Memorizing boring notes will be more fun.

This café, full of light and decorated with paintings, has fast WiFi, which is perfect for students. Another advantage is inexpensive coffee, however, the quality is high and the variety of different types is large. If you need a snack to make your brain work better, the café offers salads and quesadillas both for meat eaters and vegetarians.

Another good thing is that even during working days, the café is not full of people, so if you need a place where you will not be distracted, Cafemodi is a good choice.

Bubenečská 12, Prague 6
Mon–Sat: 9:00–22:00; Sun: 10:00–18:00

The minimalist style, nice location, tasty food and good coffee offered by Místo will give you more energy to face your deadlines and work hard.

The colors of the interior of the café are light and neutral, so nothing distracts students from their notes. The café offers soups, salads and sandwiches for decent prices. Coffee lovers will definitely love this place for its variety of different types of coffee, some of which is difficult to find in other cafes.

Kavárna Na Hollaru

Smetanovo nábřeží 6, Prague 1
Mon–Thu: 9:00–18:00; Fri: 9:00–16:30

If you are hunting for big doses of caffeine at a low price, and if you want to be engaged in the student atmosphere to be inspired to study, check out Kavárna Na Hollaru.

Hidden in the building of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, the café is always full of students and provides the right rhythm for studying. If you did not have time to have a snack, you can combine your lunch and studying, and have a soup or a sandwich with coffee for under Kč100 CZK.

Mrtvá Ryba
Benátská 4, Prague 2
Mon–Fri: 11:00–23:00; Sun: 18:00–23:00

The café belongs to the Faculty of Sciences of Charles University, but any student can visit it and study there for as much as they need.

In the afternoon, this place is a good café full of light, with daily menus and a cozy garden outside. In the evening, Mrtvá Ryba turns into the pub where you can have a beer or a glass of wine with friends after the long day of preparation for the university.

Café Nona
Národní 4, Prague 2
Mon–Fri: 9:00–24:00; Sat–Sun: 11:00–24:00

Located in the modern glass New Stage (Nová scéna) of the National Theatre, Café Nona serves as a good place for studying. The café is big, so it is easy to find a calm place for yourself, order a cup of coffee and do your homework.

Sitting next to the huge window will provide you a lot of light, and the wonderful view of Národní street will give you inspiration.

This place is also a good meeting point for students who need to study together for hours, have discussions or prepare their presentations. There are also bookcases where people can drop off or pick up books they no longer need.

Café Rybka
Opatovická 7, Prague 1
Mon–Fri: 9:15–22:00; Sat–Sun: 10:00–22:00

Rybka is a coffee place and a bookshop in one. It is a very cozy café to come to with your laptop or text book as the atmosphere is very inspirational. The laid back atmosphere and good–quality coffee will definitely make your studies more pleasant.

Writing a 10-page essay before tomorrow’s deadline, you will feel like a talented writer surrounded by the creative people, and the university task will turn into the spiritual exercise.

This place is good for staying for a long time, and even after finishing your studying, you will not want to leave this place and will be happy to stay longer with a book or a talk with a friend.

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