Septemberfest coming to Žluté lázně

The Beer Revolution is here, presenting the best Czech small breweries in one place

This time of the year is synonymous with beer festivals, in particular one rather large, rowdy affair in Munich.

Prague is offering an alternative called Septemberfest 2017 - Pivní revoluce!, a two-day beer festival held between Friday, Sept. 29, and Saturday, Sept. 30, in Žluté lázně, the waterfront spa in Prague's Podolí district.

The festival will be open from noon on Friday and 10:00 am on Saturday, with a symbolic entrance fee of Kč 50 each day, so you will have more money left to spend on sampling beers.

At other beer festivals in general, the offerings on tap are provided by multinational behemoths, where spreadsheets are the major role in the brewing process. However, for those of us who prefer their beers brewed with love and care, help is at a hand.

The first edition of what will be an annual event has over 20 Czech microbreweries, all bringing a variety of selection from their cellars.

This beer lovers' dream will also feature live bands, comedians and DJs, all of whom will be playing throughout the day and well into the night. So if you want to enjoy beers from such notable breweries as Hangár, Krušnohor, Trautenberk, Raven, Kocour, Prachatice, Olešná, Permon and Matuška, to name but a few, then come join the party.

For decades, almost all Czech-brewed beers were Pilsener style lagers. But in the past few years, there has been a renaissance of microbreweries exploring IPAs, APAs, stouts, porters, wheat beers and seasonal beers. So there will be quite an array of types on hand for every taste.

Žluté lázně is located near several tram lines, so have a good time and leave the driving to the city.

The Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world and has held that position for 23 years, as long as the independent Czech Republic has existed. Research by Japanese beer firm Kirin using 2015 figures said Czechs drink 142.4 liters each per year. But there is competition. People need to help ensure we stay number one by pitching in and doing their part.

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