Restaurace Mlýn

Among the greenery of Prague 6's Šárka nature park, Brewsta samples this Croatian restaurant's seafood specialties

This article was originally posted on the Czech Please weblog.

In the same week, I got two recommendations to try Restaurace Mlýn (The Mill Restaurant). I looked at the menu online, and I liked what I saw.

Mlýn is reasonably expensive but the prices are not as high as many other top seafood places these days. So, the next week, when another couple invited us to dinner and, by chance, suggested Restaurace Mlýn, I was quick to agree on it.

The sign out front actually says Chorvatský Mlýn (The Croatian Mill), although the website only says Restaurace Mlýn.

The dining room has a somewhat rustic interior and it was fairly empty when we were there about a month ago.

For starters, Mr. UK recommended the Croatian prosciutto (Pršut) for 140 CZK (the website says 130 CZK). It was thicker cut than Italian-style prosciutto, but it was very tender, with a strong smoke flavor.

I had the beef carpaccio for 150 CZK -- A fairly basic version, with good-quality sliced beef, ruccola, shaved Parmesan, lemon wedges, and fresh cracked pepper.

V ordered something she'd never tried before: Monkfish carpaccio (Carpacio z Mořského ďasu) for 160 CZK. It comes with lemon wedges, garlic and olive oil. She loved it. I really liked it too. Monkfish has a texture often compared to lobster. I thought it had a nutty flavor.

Let's run through the main courses. Jersey Girl had the grilled sea bass (Mořský vlk) for 507 CZK. She liked it.

The seafood is priced by weight. They use a somewhat complicated formula that, I think, requires a calculator.

They start with a base price for either 100 or 200 grams. Then, for each 10 grams over the base, they add a specified amount of money. So, be aware, seafood can significantly add to your bill.

Back to the food: There was grilled calamari (Kalamáry na grilu) for 320 CZK -- simple, but delicious.

I had the Risotto Frutti di Mare for 350 CZK. It was studded with tiger shrimp, grilled calamari and mussels. I liked it, but my favorite version is still the one at Kogo in Slovanský dům.

V had the grilled octopus (Chobotnice "Pod pekou") with potatoes and vegetables for 420 CZK. This is one of her favorites and she really enjoyed it.

We shared two bottles of Vranac from the Plantaže winery in Montenegro (480 CZK each). Mr. UK recommended it, and said he'd ordered it before. It was very good.

We had quite a few other things, including half-liters of Pilsner Urquell for 45 CZK, a mixed salad for 60 CZK, "American" potatoes (Americké brambory) for 40 CZK, espresso for 35 CZK, and a café latte for 55 CZK.

The total bill for the four of us was 3,524 CZK. I won't make Restaurace Mlýn a regular habit, partly because a good meal here is not cheap, but mostly because it is far from the center, and even farther from my home. But, if someone suggests it again for a special night out, I certainly won't mind making the trek.

Restaurant Mlýn

Horoměřická 3a

Prague 6

Tel: (+420) 220 610 760

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