New wine comes on St. Martin's Day

Goose dinner and the first wine from the new harvest is a tradition

Wine festivals aren't over yet. The first new wine of the season will be available on St. Martin's Day, or Nov. 11.

Svatomartinské víno, which comes in white, red and rosé, will be served with goose dinner at festivals across the country as well as in restaurants.

In Prague, there are big public celebrations at Náplavce and at náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad from the morning to the evening.

The biggest event is in Brno, South Moravia, at náměstí Svobody, where hundreds of winemakers will be represented. This makes sense as Moravia is wine country.

Not any new wine can use the name Svatomartinské víno or the standard logos, as they have been registered trademarks of the Wine Fund (Vinařský fond) since 1995.

This year, 431 samples of young wines were submitted for a two-round evaluation, and 379 were successful in being allowed to use the name Svatomartinské víno. There will be four wines more than last year. The overall success rate was 88 percent. The winners include 162 white wines, 113 red wines, and 104 rosé wines.

“We are especially pleased with the quality of this year's wines. The evaluation showed not only that this year will be a good one, but also the high number of successful samples tells us that winemakers are managing to make wines better year after year in the short time from harvest,” Wine Fund director Jaroslav Machovec said, according to daily Právo.

National Wine Center sommelier Marek Babisz told the daily that this year's grapes were high quality. He added that rosé wines would be excellent and have a fruity aroma. He praised the Zweigeltrebe variety. “You cannot go wrong with it, he said.

For white wines he recommended Muškát moravský and among reds, he cited Modrý Portugal and Svatovavřinecké in combination with food.

According to estimates, close to 2.2 million bottles of wine will be delivered with the Svatomartinské víno logo.

This year for the first time, Svatomartinské víno will be marked with a uniform symbol in national colors at the top of the bottle due to new wine legislation. The familiar logo of St. Martin on his horse will still be on the label.

On the Czech market, Svatomartinské víno celebrations have largely taken over from the French rival Beaujolais Nouveau, which goes on sale on the third Thursday of November.

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