Prague Christmas Market Food

Brewsta waxes poetic about the questionable offerings on Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square

'Twas the month before Christmas
And all throughout Prague
Little stands sprang right up
With walls made of log

I went to the market
On Wenceslas Square
But Old Town's is better
It's prettier there

They sold lots of trinkets
To the tourists' delight
But I care not for dolls
Or rocks filled with lights

Yet, this fest was festooned
With some stands that sell food
Not really that cheap
Just some of it good

What first caught my eye
Was a big roasting ham
This was the real deal
It didn't come from a can

I wished nothing more
Than to have me a slice
Then I saw a small sign
And it showed quite a price

Should you want such fine food
To hold in your hands
It costs 90 crowns
For each hundred grams

Visions of cheaper food
Danced in my head
So I moved through the crowd
For some sweet, sugared bread

One street-fired dessert
For those in the know
Is a round rolling snack
It's called a trdlo

This sweet is not measured
By grams or by pounds
Each one that you eat
Will cost 50 crowns

If you like ketchup and cheese
On top of fried dough
You can visit the stand
That's selling langoše

On sausage, on corn cobs
On beers you can suck
On these you can count
If you visit this truck

Hot mead is available
Should you so request
This honey's got sting
It puts hair on your chest

A favorite of many
Who come to the square
Is mulled wine, called svařák
They sell lots of it there

It cost 40 crowns
For each plastic cup
It can help keep you warm
It can help light you up

I'd then seen enough
It was high time to flee
I jumped on my ride
Good old tram 23

Then I thought to myself
As I rolled out of sight
I don't love Christmas markets
But for some, they're alright

"My wife & i paid through the nose for that ham,
When i saw what we got i thought 'what a sham',
The guy was unfriendly & offered no bread,
So i jolly well got up & took some instead!"

jonathan cox
December 18th, 2007

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