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Pooh Corner: Healthy whole food goodness

Winnie-the-Pooh might be a bear of very little brain but with the recent opening of a new bakery called Pooh Corner, he becomes a bear of exceedingly good bread. I’ve been walking past this corner bakery for some time and finally stopped by. And the stop is well worth it.

Natural honey (of course), cookies, arts and crafts and various bio-products line the shelves of this wholemeal bakery, but it is the breads that are the real draw, be they sour dough, herbal ciabattas or cabbage bread. Don’t stop reading at cabbage bread... yes, this is healthy, low fat and long lasting bread but before you look for a rival’s brownies page, it is also tasty.

Petr is the man behind the bakery and he usually employs English-speaking students to man the cafe/shop while he bakes offsite, but alone on this visit, he valiantly battled through a long and delicious taster session in English.

I bet you’re still thinking about that cabbage bread. This is Petr’s specialty and is comprised of 50 percent dough and the rest sour cabbage, with variously added flavour from cumin, poppy seeds, curry, pepper, cheese, etc. Some bread is totally flat, almost cracker-like and flavoured with the likes of cream cheese, dates and bio cannabis, which gives barely a jolt. I took home a huge, delicious and healthy scone (65czk) plus a roll seasoned with sage and honey (25czk).

Pooh Corner relies on traditional stone milled flour consisting of rye, a little wheat, sunflower and sesame seeds plus assorted cereals. The dough is handmade and uses no chemicals, additives or yeast, which is why the ciabatta is flat and the items stay fresh for up to a month. Petr also bakes without eggs, fat and milk so his produce is low-calorie and wholesome. And yes, to reiterate, it tastes delicious despite all this ‘good for you’ nonsense...

In addition to his baked goods, you can sit in the slightly twee space and savour the healthy drinks and warm snacks Pooh also produces. Pooh Corner has been open three months and deserves to continue for the good of the neighbourhood, even if we aren’t actually in the Hundred Acre Wood...

Pooh Corner
Praha 2, Korunní 4

Metro A & Tram: 4, 10, 16, 22, 23 to Náměstí Míru

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