Whiskyfest by Barlife is approaching

A celebration of whisky follows on the success of Rumfest and Ginfest

Events organised by Barlife have gained great popularity, be it Rumfest or recent Ginfest. As many as 10,000 visitors have passed through the gates of the annual festivals. Therefore, the organisers have decided to plan another event and to add whisky to the list of best spirits which are being celebrated at special festivals.

The very first Whiskyfest by Barlife will thus take place on Saturday 7 April. The event will be hosted by Továrna at Holešovice, a multipurpose space open to all forms of creativity. Visitors can look forward to whiskies from all around the world, tastings as well as educational seminars supervised by foremost experts. Whiskyfest by Barlife is organised by Barlife, a professional magazine about beverage industry which has existed since 2004.

“With Whiskyfest by Barlife, we follow up with our very successful projects, namely Ginfest and Rumfest. The mission of Barlife is to raise the level of Czech beverage industry and to spread awareness of its quality among both professionals and customers. We have been fulfilling the task for 15 years now thanks to the magazine we publish, with gastronomy professionals being its primary readers,” Martin Kraut, Managing Director and a publisher of Barlife Magazine, explains.

“To organise an event dedicated to quality spirits for the broad audience is the next of our logical steps. For this reason, we have added the first Whiskyfest in history to our list of festivals to show that whisky is no longer a drink only enjoyed by elderly men smoking cigars, sitting in leather armchairs inside a gentlemen's club,” he added.

Visitors of the event of Whiskyfest by Barlife can spend a pleasant Saturday afternoon in the company of both traditional and less-known brands of whisky, whiskey, bourbon and other drinks from all over the globe complemented by Paul Day's exquisite cuisine (The Real Meat Society, Sansho, Maso a kobliha).

As usual in events organised by Barlife Magazine, the audience may also visit educational seminars supervised by foremost experts. Their presentations will be focused on trends, food pairing, whisky investment potential etc. The seminar schedule, as well as exhibitor and brand lists, are still being updated on the website www.whiskyfest.cz.

One week prior to Whiskyfest, i.e. since Friday 30 March until the day of the festival, Whisky Cocktail Week will take place. Chosen bars will serve their special cocktails based on whisky as a form of an invitation of their guests to the new festival. You will find the festival inside the multipurpose space of Továrna at Holešovice which is located in the broader centre of Prague and easily accessible to commuters.

Tickets are available on the Whiskyfest and GoOut websites. Visitors who plan to get tickets for both Whiskyfest and Rumfest can buy these together at a lower price.

Since 2014, the specialized magazine Barlife comes out bi-monthly. It is written primarily for gastronomy professionals, in other words, owners, managers and employees of companies of higher and the highest categories in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

As written by the IWSR, a British analytics company, Barlife is the “best magazine about beverages in Central Europe.” Barlife Magazine has already organised successful events such as Ginfest, Rumfest and Prague Bar Show.

For more information visit www.whiskyfest.cz / Tickets: goout.net

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