Sia: A new Asian restaurant opened in Prague

The new venue has an open kitchen and is inspired by Asian markets

A new Asian restaurant called Sia has opened in the city center in Palác Špork on V Celnici street in Prague 1–New Town.

Sia’s menu is based on traditional Asian recipes, processes, and techniques that are further enriched by innovations and experience of chef Jiří Štifta's international team members. Under his guidance, cooks from Indonesia, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Moravia, and China cooperate with each other to offer a unique experience.

Food is prepared in an open kitchen directly in front of the guests' eyes. Some dishes are made on a robata, a grill is inspired by the fishermen of Hokkaido, Japan, Fish, seafood, aged meats, and vegetables are cooked on it. The key is a set temperature that best brings out the individual flavors. These dishes are served with traditional Japanese marinades and sauces, among other options.

One popular menu offering is Peking duck, one of the most famous of Chinese recipes. It takes two entire days to prepare. The duck is first marinated with hoisin sauce and then hot water is poured over the skin. The duck is then coated with a mix of syrup, honey and vinegar. On the second day, the seasoned duck is baked in an oven until it turns crispy.

Another classic item is dim sum, hand-made dumplings made from either wheat, rice or starch flour. They are then filled with meat, seafood, herbs and vegetables. After they are filled, they are steamed in bamboo baskets or fried for a crispy texture.

The staff also admires the exceptional skills of cooks from across South and East Asia who are masters in preparing foods using the wok. The wide array of recipes and the ability to maintain crispiness, softness, color and nutritional value are the key inspiration for many of the dishes offered at Sia.

In line with traditional Asian dining style, individual dishes are served in the middle of the dining table as they are prepared. Throughout lunches and dinners, guests can taste more dishes at once. The visit is not only a culinary experience but also a visual one spent together with friends and family at one table.

The restaurant was opened by Gastronomy Group Together, represented by David Petřík's team and Viktor Kaplan. It was designed by architect Václav Červenka offers up to 220 seats. The restaurant's interior is inspired by exotic and poetic Asian marketplaces.

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