Where to find British food in Prague

The once-criticized cuisine has been growing in popularity

British food has been catching on in Prague in recent years, as the city becomes increasingly more international.

Whether or not the pending Brexit will put a dent in this remains to be seen, as import conditions are up in the air. There are also several venues that produce British-style food locally.

The customers are a mix of British expats living in Prague, tourists and locals looking to expand beyond the limited traditional Czech cuisine.

The concept of British cuisine is also growing, as just a few decades ago the idea of talking seriously about food from the UK was a bit of a joke. But it has improved greatly.

Food and beverage import from the UK to the Czech Republic for 2017 reached Kč 3.2 billion, up 2 percent from the previous year, according to the British Chamber of Commerce.

Large importers include Marks & Spencer, which has physical stores as well as online delivery. Their selection ranges from full ready-to-heat meals and canned curries to teas, jams and chocolates. They also have holiday treats like plum pudding at Christmas. The food section is found within the same stores that have clothing and fashions. Most outlets are in malls except for the flagship store at Wenceslas Square. In total there are seven outlets in Prague.

While the name doesn't sound particularly British, the retail chain Iceland also originated in the UK and carries imports. The store focuses on frozen foods, inspiring the name. There are five outlets in Prague and one in nearby Říčany.

There are also some hard to find British treats, non-alcoholic beverages and sauces, in addition to the frozen ready meals, vegetables, fish and meat.

The local chain Candy Store also carries British treats, and not only sweet ones. The assortment includes the Linda McCartney line of vegetarian food, with burgers, sausages and pies. There are also British brand crackers, decorative tins of sweets and jars of Marmite and Vegemite.

For those who want to eat out, there is the classic British meal of fish and chips. The shop called Ryby & Chips at Myslíkova 1698/18 offers an authentic version of the classic, with battered fried fish, fried potatoes (french fries to Americans, chips to Brits) and mashed peas. There is a choice between cod and haddock. Other items including burgers and salads are available. They also deliver.

British-style pies, quiche and sausage rolls are made by Smith's Pies, which is based in the town of Velké Popovice but turns up at farmers markets in Prague. The home-baked pies are made with all natural ingredients. The chicken balti pie has won praise from fans.

The whimsically named Brixton Balls at Korunní 23 in Prague's Vinohrady district has street food. As the name implies, they are heavy on meatballs and veggie balls served in a variety of manners with rice and other add-ons. The menu also has Asian-inspired foods.

The small eatery is also interesting because its owner, Tim Simenon, used to be a music producer who worked with Depeche Mode, Björk and Sinneád O'Connor before turning to food instead.

Meat specialties can be found at two related places. Maso a kobliha and its sister shop the Real Meat Society both have free-range beef produced without harmful additives. Haggis sandwiches can sometimes be found on the menu, according to season and availability.

While Britain and Ireland should never be conflated together, there is some crossover in the cuisine. Many of Prague's Irish bars serve fish and chips, bangers and mash, and large breakfast with sausages, beans, bacon and eggs. The James Joyce and McCarthy's are among those with crossover items on their menus.

British-influenced versions of Indian and Pakistani food are also quite popular, but that is a list in itself.

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