Výčep Na stojáka turns back the clock

A retro-style pub has beer from small breweries and classic Czech food

The Bohemia and Moravia have long had a strong beer culture, and pubs in the First Republic had a distinctive character.

The recently opened pub Výčep Na stojáka on Anglická Street, just off of náměstí Míru, has a retro appeal to capture that bygone feeling, but with some modern touches.

The pub is part of a small chain that began in Brno, South Moravia, and the first of its kind in Prague.

Emphasis is on quality Czech beer from small brewers and on traditional Czech food. The location just outside of the city center makes it a convenient place, but with a neighborhood ambiance.

The décor features large black-and-white murals of Prague landmarks, and there are 60 places at tall tables in the front to stand at, and 60 regular seats in the back. The standing spots by the walls have low cushioned bars for people to rest on.

The name Výčep Na stojáka translates roughly to “taphouse for standing.” The idea of the standing spots goes back to the 1920s and '30s, when people would stop for one or two beers and a chat with friends or strangers during the day.

The pub calls itself a “beer place,” and is equipped with modern technology to keep the beer at a constant cool temperature and deliver it from the tanks in a way that maximizes the quality.

The pub offers five types of beer. Two are made exclusively for the Výčep Na stojáka chain and never change. The other three are from small breweries and change every few weeks.

One of the exclusive beers is Stojácké Poupě, a bottom-fermented 12-degree beer made with three types of hops by the small brewer Beskydský pivovárek in Ostravice in north Moravia. The mix of hops gives it a light aroma as well as a bitter taste mixed with a citrus and herbal flavor.

The name refers to František Ondřej Poupě, a famous Moravian brewmaster from the 18th century.

The second exclusive beer is Stojácký Čechr, an 11 degree unfiltered and unpasteurized beer made with four types of malt and four types of hops. Wheat gives the beer a light taste. The name Čechr comes from the Brno slang word “čechrovat,” meaning to relax with a beer.

It is made by Pivovar Tišnov in South Moravia. The brewery reopened in 2015, after a 100-year gap. (It closed in 1915 due to some administrative issues.) The brewing tradition in the town goes back to the 13th century.

The pub also has an old-school way of serving beer. You can get a regular large beer, poured up to the half-liter mark, or a “šnyt.” The latter was a popular way of serving beer in the early part of the last century, and it has been making a comeback.

The beer is served in a large glass with a lot of foam so it eventually settles down to the equivalent of a small beer.

Wine, liquor and non-alcoholic beverages are also available, of course.

The menu includes snacks for beer, as well as meals. Specials can be found on chalkboards, and there is always a traditional Czech dish available all day, in addition to the regular menu. Lunch specials are available on weekdays from 11.30 am to 3 pm, and start at Kč 95, with soups available for Kč 35.

Even the smallest items are made with an eye to detail, such as the open-faced sandwiches on homemade bread with a generous cheese-based spread. These are larger and more substantial than the “chlebíčky” you can find in other places.

Marinated ribs, pork knee, spicy chicken and beef tartare are among the Czech standard dishes on the regular menu. The bright kitchen is open to view, so people can see how food is prepared.

There are also sockets along the wall in the back part so people can plug in their laptops or recharge their phones while they have a beer.

The Výčep Na stojáka chain began in Brno in 2013, where there are two restaurants. The Prague franchise is the third location in the Czech-run chain.

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